Wednesday, September 30, 2009

MBTI: 730 Playstyle Breakdown

This is a followup to yesterday's 640-response analysis. There are now 730 in the data pool (it keeps growing, too, which is awesome! I will continue to add the new data to future charts.)

Breakdown on Playstyle:

Playstyle is a mix of schedule (Casual vs Hardcore in time raiding) and strictness (the more traditional casual vs hardcore). Non-raiders (those who focus on questing and just run instances or pvp or roleplay for fun) and the Hardcore PvPers were also included as options.

C/C = Casual Schedule, Casual Play
C/H = Casual Schedule, Hardcore Play
H/C = Hardcore Schedule, Casual Play
H/H = Hardcore Schedule, Hardcore Play

Slightly fewer extroverts are seen among the traditional non-raiders than among any of the other choices. It would seem that most of the non-raider extroverts instead choose to spend their time as "hardcore PvP!"

There are slightly more Sensors than Intuitives who put lots of time into raiding each week: sensors work at a steady pace using instructions and guides, while intuitives tend to work in bursts of energy. I suspect that the higher number of casual-schedule intuitives allows these players to spend time outside of raiding to figure out how to overcome something before returning to it in an instance. However, it is noticeable that sensors are just as likely to be non-raiders as they are to raid 4+ nights a week; sensors just seem to be in fewer numbers when it comes to raiding only a couple nights each week, likely again due to wanting to work on their projects (be it raiding or otherwise) at a steady pace. The other personality traits don't seem to have much impact on whether a person raids 3 nights or 6 nights a week!

There are noticeable, though small, bumps in the charts regarding Casual vs Hardcore raiders. Casual raiding is preferred a bit more by extroverts (and the socialization that would entail), sensors (steady pace, follow others' instructions, literal), feelers (emotional, keeping the peace and harmony by not being mean to that rogue who keeps dpsing from the front of the mob), and perceivers (dislike rules, get bored with repitition).

Those who have higher expectations of skill among their fellow raiders tend to be the introverts, intuitives (rely on instinct, like to figure things out, theoretical), thinkers (rational arguements, analytical), and judgers (organized, prompt to raids, decisive): the popular INTJ embodies this. Of course, not all INTJs are hardcore in their expectations of play skill, but most of them are.

Hardcore PvP:
There were relatively few of these in the overall survey (15 total out of 730), but among them, they were heavily EN's, and many of them also Feelers (more personal and emotional) rather than Thinkers (rational, achievement-driven). These hardcore pvpers tend to act before they think, and rely on reflex, creativity, and instinct to guide them. Knowing that each of their enemies and allies is controlled by another person is likely a strong source of why there are so many extroverts in this field.


Mark said...

We talked a bit about Richard Bartle's model for player types in multiplayer environments a bit in class this week (Achiever, Socializer, Killer, Explorer). I'd be somewhat curious to see what (if any) relation there is between MBTI and Bartle type.

This is a pretty cool Bartle Test:

Mark said...

For what it's worth, I ended up as AESK for Bartle and my MBTI type is INTJ.

Kae said...

Hmmm... I was ESAK, but wasn't comfortable with a lot of the questions, they felt too limited. I was looking for option C's. I think the problem with that quiz is that there is little split between pvp games and pve games... most of the questions were "hey, want to use this to kill another player?" and little was pointed to those who prefer support classes and helping others. I felt most awkward with the "do you want to socialize in a tavern, or go hunt orcs by yourself?" and I wanted to say, "well can't I go with one or two close friends and hunt the orcs? And are these bad orcs who slaughtered my village, or peaceful ones who just live next door?"

....nothing against orcs, of course ;)

Aertimus said...

S.A.E.K. (thats for an ESTJ) E = S? No, I'm not even REMOTELY surprised.