Monday, March 1, 2010

Customized DBM Bars from Damia UI

I'm always on the look out for ways to make my UI more easy to use, including making certain I can easily read and notice important boss timers. I have used Bigwigs and Dues Vox in the past, and DBM is my current favorite: it's updated frequently and tends to have timers that the other mods miss.

Unfortunately, the bar style tends to get pretty crowded. Even with icons to help differentiate each bar, it often turns into a mass of hard to read timers when my eyes are so often locked on Grid and making sure I'm not standing in Bad Stuff. It takes time to pick out a particular ability from the mass of timers.

So, when I ran across a couple UI screenshots from Zing at Totemz, I quickly noticed the nice layout of the boss timers. Zing was very helpful in pointing me towards where I could duplicate them for my own DBM!

The visual layout was created by Damia and can be downloaded as a part of Damia's full UI compilation on WoWInterface. Damia has done a ton of .lua edits, so this does mean that in order to use even this one DBM change, you do need to keep a backup copy of the template file to put back into your DBM folder each time you update it. Some people may find this to be far too much hassle; for myself, I like the layout change so much that it is worth the extra step.

To install, download the DamiaUI zip file and find inside of it the interface/addons/DBM-Core/dbt-template.xml.
  • Copy the dbt-template.xml file into your own interface/addons/DBM-Core folder.
  • Copy HalM.tga from Damia's DBM-Core/textures folder to your own DBM-Core/textures folder.
  • Copy frameborder.tga from Damia's DBM-Core/textures folder to your own DBM-Core/textures folder.
  • Keep a copy of both on hand for future DBM updates.
You don't have to do any in-game changes. You're good to go! Optionally, you can go into the wtf/account/accountname/servername/charactername/SavedVariables folder and copy Damia's DBM-Core.lua settings to your own character's SavedVariables folder, just to have the screen placement pre-set. You will probably want to tweak the positioning in-game to fit your own UI.

I've raided a few nights with this tweaked DBM texture file and I love it. If the DBM crew could incorporate this texture as an option in the original mod, I'd be ecstatic!


Niniel said...

Fantastic tip, thank you! :D
It looks so much better!

I followed your instructions but I got a green square instead of icons at first. It seems you need to copy the frameborder.tga from Damia's DBM-Core\textures\ too and not just the HalM.tga for it to work properly.

I'm most grateful!

Kae said...

Fixed :) I think I copied the whole folder over, hehe.

Aloix said...

Ooh thanks for the tip/update. I had the problem with the icons, and I also had a layout problem (I did *not* do the saved variables layout copyover, btw). I was trying to set it up during a raid which increased frustration, so I'm giving it another go, because I really want this to work.
It's really tweaky, depending on one's current other UI tweaks, it seems, too.
My initial run yesterday had the font not readable, but I use a customized font already (replaced the main 'FONTS' folder).
Shall see how it goes.
Would be nice if DBM would simply give more customization options.

Thanks for the post btw! This may drive me nutty for a bit but the payoff will hopefully be worth it.

Kae said...

I felt the same way when I was staring down the DamiaUI package: "I'm gonna MAKE this work!" ...and it is worth it, imo :)

Hope you've managed to figure out what all of the conflicts are!

Rhii said...

I just set these up and I'm so pleased with them. I now have the prettiest DBM bars. Thank you for the awesome guide.

Niniel said...

Heya! Just wanted to mention that I wrote about a tweak to make this work with the latest patch!