Thursday, November 19, 2009

UI: Updated Screenshot

I realize my UI photo is getting on in months, so I wanted to update with what it looks like now. Clicky for fullsize :)

For more screenshots of my UI, click here.

My focus target is down next to my Grid frames. This is quite useful for when I need to focus an enemy to see who they are going after (faction champs), though a tank is most often my focus, so that I can assist them for a DPS target. As a whole, the UI is laid out so that I can use it while tanking, healing, or DPSing without having to change anything.

The links below are for further explanations on how I've made use of these mods, going to mod-specific posts on this blog.

Action Bars
  • Bartender4 buttons
  • Lunarsphere (bar menu system/sphere gauge/res speeches, auto-repair, auto-reagent refill, etc.)
  • Bindpad (keybind frame)
  • OmniCC (cooldowns on actions)

Unit Frames
  • Grid for raid
  • Pitbull3 for player/target/focus
  • oRA2 for mt list/raid cooldowns
  • LootRollMover (take loot rolls off my Grid frames)
  • IceHUD (head's up display)

Basic UI
  • caelNamePlates (nameplate mod, lightweight)
  • kgpanels (artwork, I custom designed my art aside the sexymap leaves)
  • FuBar (with clear background)
  • ButtonFacade (skinning for buffs and bartender)
  • Mapster (world map)
  • GatherMate (resource node mapping system)
  • Cowtip tooltips
  • Buffalo (buff resizing/positioning)
  • Quartz (castbar)
  • SmoothDurability
  • Chatter (chat window)
  • Sexymap (minimap)

  • Omen Threat Meter
  • SexyCooldown
  • TargetCharms (raid icon bar + readycheck button)
  • DBM raid warnings (considering trying the new one)
  • Skada damage meters (lightweight recount replacement)
  • Debuff Filter (movable debuff frame of specific buffs you want to watch)
  • Ghost Pulse (cooldown pulse)
  • Power Auras (graphical buffs/debuffs/alerts etc.)
  • OptiTaunt (taunt resist announces + tank-specific cooldown alerts for the raid)
  • HearKitty (combo point audio alert)
  • Oomni (turn addons on/off without logging)
  • CastDonut (simple GCD timer that circles my mouse pointer)

**As a note, I do not run any combat-text mods anymore, preferring to use the simple blizzard default one.**

Some of the custom art I use in my UI are below. You can use a blp2png converter to drop them in your own UI image library for kgpanels or eepanels.

(red version here)


Niniel said...

You have a really nice UI! It's not entirely different from mine in structure. You just inspired me to try out Pitbull, I've been using X-Perl for ages but could use a change there :)

Mark said...

I'm intrigued by a couple things:

What information is being shown by the circular thing in the bottom right beside Omen and what do the different buttons on it do?

What's the fish thing under the minimap?

Is Ram's info being shown on the right due to him being your target or is that the mouseover tooltip?

Charles said...

Nice choice of location, very druidy! But... which one was you again? ~_-

Kae said...

The "circular thing" and the "fish button" are the same mod: Lunarsphere, a mod that, along with the randomized speech selection for my resses/hurricane, offers an action bar menu system independent from the action bars used by Bartender. The smaller LS buttons (including the fish) are action buttons that do different things depending on what mouse button I use to click, including opening up a submenu of actions. The fish is just one of that menu, but a quick-key for setting out fishfeasts. I use the menus for my bags, mounts, professions, and several macros.

Targeting: it's my mouseover tooltip going over Ram :) I happened to be targeting him at the same time, but I was mousing over as well, likely about to renew the lifebloom stack (with 1.2s left!)

Charles: I'm the plant-looking one!! ;)

Imalinata said...

I like whatever you use for the nameplates (on the lashers in your photo). If you remember the name, please post it...I hate the Blizz nameplates. :(

Mark said...

Oh duh. Innervate and Rebirth share the same icon as Lightning Bolt and Reincarnation don't they? When I originally wrote my reply, I was confused why you had buttons that looked like them.

What do the five blue sections represent on the edge of LS?

Kae said...

It's CaelNamePlates :) Went through and updated my mod list in the post.

Hehe. Yar. The blue bars are a circular gauge you can set to be any number of things (or hide); I ran it as the "5 second rule" timer for a long time, though now I just use it as a rep bar. It can be health/power/exp/etc.

The center graphic will actually rotate when I right-click it (macro). I made a whole slew of personalized graphics for it, so it changes up a lot depending on my mood. It pops up cooldown text in the middle for my warstomp, though, which is handy.