Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More UI Screenies

Hard to get a good feel for a UI in just one shot! Sooo here are some pics from the past two raids. Click to enlarge :)

Goofing off in Naxx10 for a few achievements, we decided to create some "achievements" of our own. For example, killing Gothik without him casting a single shadow bolt, by mana-draining him to nothing before he even ports down :D We tried killing Instructor without Mind-Controls, but Alyae (prot pally) got one-shot for like 400k at 40%.

Edit: Instructor Razuvious's Unbalancing Strike hit Alyae for 65233 damage. :)

I was testing out the Deus Vox bossmods in tandem with DBM at the time, to explain the multiple boss timers. The proximity alert on the left hand side of the screen is part of DV.

Out of Combat shot; we were about to go do the Coming Out of the Walls achievement.

Taken shortly after our first Algalon kill. Out of Combat again, shows more of the custom UI art. The art is translucent, so it shows up best against bright backgrounds. Yes, Cel, I *am* following you. /stalks. (I'm lazy and didn't want to walk myself out to the transporter after tabbing out to check screenshots!)

Combat with Jaraxxus, probably normal mode (but maybe heroic, cuz Rul noticed we have 3 healers in the shot). Several power auras alerts, and you can see my debuff filter monitoring the more feral-important things (over the leaf-shaped Nature's Grace power auras proc). The "too far away" spam happens to me a lot... I keep auto-attack on the boss for giggles. Melee tree, rawr!

(Note Alyae's guild rank on the right, next to guild tag. It was self-inflicted!) :)

Same UI works well for the kitty and tank stuff. Here's my alliance druid in a pug ToC25. I have no idea where the "no player named Acidmaw" came from, though.... but, this one shows a bit of Quartz's castbar by way of the target-castbar, "Sweep." I'll have to find a good screenshot that shows my own castbar, as it is styled differently. (btw, hi Orbitz!) Looking at this screenshot makes me want to Rip something. ;)

To best explain Lunarsphere, you'd have to go check my walk-through guide on the mod (which is currently being linked to by the mod's own developer as the "official" guide, actually). But, for a quick explanation, three of the buttons for it on my screen actually toggle sub-menus of action buttons, some on click and some on mouseover (potions).

Since this shot, I moved my potion bar up under my minimap and put my bag menu in its place by the main sphere. All of the buttons have click-actions bound to all 3 main mouse buttons, and some are just showing a cooldown but when clicked do something entirely different: the Wild Growth cooldown button, for example, is actually my raid-buffing button. The innervate (used for cooldown monitor and when innervating someone besides myself, which is keybound otherwise) has bandages on the other clicks. The res/revive/groundmount/random pet button and the profession menu/flying mount button are also very multi-purpose! I love this mod. The gauge is set to show my selected reputation currently, though I have used it for 5-second rule counter, energy, or experience bar in the past.

I found this screenshot, too, and wanted to post it up as a warning:

BEWARE SPLOITFISH. They have swords and kill sharks!


Rul said...

Nah, Razuvious "only" hit her for 65k. Maybe by the end of the expansion we'll be able to do it. :P

You tried to friend Acidmaw didn't you? Admit it.

Rul said...

Not that it really matters, but that Jaraxxus shot is from hard mode since you're a tree, I'm dropping Mana Tide and Jae is chilling out in Holy gear to the right of you. The Mana Tide alone gives it away to be honest. I don't usually need to drop it on normal.

Kae said...

Sneaky sneaky, Rul is the smartses :) The Jar screenie looks too... calm... to be heroic, particularly with him that low on health. Are we just making it look too simple these days?

Rul said...

Yeah, we get so far ahead of stuff now that we have quite a bit of time where we're just beating on him like in the pic, especially at the end of the fight.

It also helps that when you took the pic, it was in one of those rare moments when every single ability he does had at least 6s left on its cooldown. :)