Tuesday, September 21, 2010

HLK, Vortex's videos

The following videos were taken of our first kill of hardmode Lich King, September 19, 2010 as a ten-strict guild. Most of our strat can be found here.

Warlock PoV
Driven by: Harsesis, specced as Demo

This video is split into two parts, and can also be watched in 720p HD (I recommend fullscreen... I just left it at 360 for those with slower connections). His grid frames show incoming heals; the top left-most player is our offtank, and bottom left-most our maintank. Note the moonkin (Beranabus of RNGesus) casts tranquility around 4:10 because our disc priest was grabbed by the first Valkyr; our tank healer tree (me) was also grabbed by a valk once, but luckily the healer grabs were not back to back!

-- Part 1 --

-- Part 2 --

The MT dies around 3:10, and the OT picks it up after the locks mess their pants and soulshatter. The tank was soulstoned, which is how he resses himself while the others are in Soul Harvest phase and then battle-resses the ele shaman around 3:36. The tree stands in a bad place around 4:15 and nearly eats it ;) This is why we must stay away from our soakers! We are all alive when he reaches the 10% mark.

...gg moonfire spam from the giggling resto druid.

Shadow Priest, Prot Pally PoV
Driven by: Kuchki, specced as Shadow, and (to be added) Alyae, specced as Prot

This is the "short," raw version. They plan to expand the video with dual views between the two players and an intro sequence.


Theladas said...

I finally saw what happened to you to nearly kill you. Two spirits at once - you're a lucky girl to live through that. Mal's Bubbles, incorporated, can be thanked for soaking most of the first one.

I'd been curious as to how much the Feral tank and Ele shaman did to the boss by "exploiting" the frostmourne room. If Bob's trackers are correct, about 260k health disappears over the course of that room. Over the course of the previous room, the boss loses about 190k to lingering DoT damage. So, I'd wager that the little rez trick netted us something on the order of 70k damage - something that we easily had time for with all 10 raiders alive and 30s until enrage when the Fury went off.

Also, props to that Disc priest for getting off a Holy Fire and an offensive Penance shortly before the end - I hear Penance is a beast of a damage dealing ability.

Zy said...

We all know Bus has a thing for Tranquility :)

Rioriel said...

Wow, huge congrats. We've bashed our heads on it for a month and just can't make it all work. All seems to go wrong around the second defile after the first transition; 62% or so.

Kudos, seriously, the fight drives me bonkers. I'm usually still clicking weapon swap target shiv macros in my sleep afterwards :'D

~ Rio

Alyae said...

Honestly you will see when see my video exactly when Muj died to the three spirits.

I sat there looking directly at them wondering what i could do to get them before they killed her.

No taunts and knowing running in there could potentially kill more people with a pop that chained more people. There really wasn't much we can do to clean that up except group up on the LK more to ensure every spirit comes towards the middle soakers.

The only way to get stray spirits now is to either DPS them and hope you get aggro or taunt them.

Ender Tunin said...

Wow. As usual I'm a day late and a dollar short. Congrats on the awesome run! Very impressive and a testament to dedication and teamwork! Thanks for the vids of the fight as these were very interesting to follow. Happy hunting!