Friday, August 21, 2009

Personality and Warcraft

Recently I've been looking back at the Myers-Briggs personality profiles for various reasons, and it made me wonder: does personality have any correlation to preferred class and raid role?

I found a few forum threads that wondered along these same lines, but they didn't usually go into much depth on analysis. For example, the Personality of the Druid thread just picked the most popular result, without taking into consideration the relative proportion of personality types in the overall general population. This sort of logic leads to conclusions such as "INFPs don't play WoW much," when they're estimated to be only about 1% of the total population to begin with.

I'm really interested to know what the breakdown among WoW players is, and not just what is the most common result among a class. Are certain personalities more likely to be tanks or healers? Enjoy a certain class? PvP over PvE? Be raid leaders, guild leaders, officers? Be bloggers?

Take the Personality Quiz:

If you are unsure of your type, I highly recommend you take multiple tests so that you can get a more accurate assessment. If you take two tests and get different results, try some others, and read through the descriptions to decide which best reflects you.
Be honest with yourself when taking those quizzes; it's the only way you can get an accurate result. Answer according to how would you WOULD react to the proposed situations, not how you think you're "supposed" to: there are no right or wrong answers, except with how truthful you are about yourself.

MBTI Descriptions:
Once you've taken one or a few, I recommend LifeExplore's descriptions, as they combine the descriptions used on multiple websites, in-depth. The Personality Page also has good descriptions. These descriptions can give you interesting insight into yourself, relationships, and career choices.

My Survey:

After you've figured out your MBTI through the above linked quizzes and descriptions, take this survey to help me collect class/role/personality data:

You can also access the survey through this link.


I will share the survey's results as I get enough data in. For now, I will keep my own MBTI a secret, though I am curious what others may guess of me :)

Number Surveyed as of 9:15pm EST: 44, representing 11 out of the 16 personality types. When I reach 50, I'll do a preliminary run-down of roles vs personality types.

A few interesting notes:
  • The vast majority have all been introverts.
  • 5 have noted that they're bloggers, themselves.
  • Half of the respondents have been IN types (Introverted, Intuitive), which ironically are among the minority in general population studies.
  • Part of me is wondering how much a person's personality will play into even finding/responding to this survey, and at what time :) Those responding on a Friday afternoon vs those in the evening, compared to the typical 8-5 work day? Hehee.
If you'd like to help, please link this post or the survey to your guilds/buddies, as more data will make more meaningful results!


Darthor said...

I just wanted to leave a note. I read your blog all the time and think its great....i went a head and did the Personality Test Center quiz and came back INPF..tried it again (as INFP supposedly don't play WoW) at HUMANMETRICS and it came back the same. I will have to check out the discussion on the forums.

Kae said...

Darthor, I was just using the INFPs-must-not-play-WoW as an example of a result that *could* be derived (mistakenly) from their study, since they were focused solely on the "most common answer." I was merely using it as an example of what I thought was wrong with their more simplified results, and why I wanted a more in-depth analysis.

INFPs are relatively rare, along with several other personalities including ENTJ, INFJ, and ENFJ... if there are few of them who respond, you can't necessarily say it's because INFPs don't play WoW, as that assumes there are more INFPs in the world and they just don't play or didn't reply to the thread. ESFJ, ISTJ, and ISFJ, on the other hand, are the most common personality types found among people, making up about 1/3 the total population between them.

Personally, I think an INFP is very likely to play WoW, as games like WoW are a good match to their personality :)

alaron said...

Kae, I can't access the embedded survey from work, but I'm either an INTJ or INTP, depending on the test. And a blogger, of course.

Aertimus said...

This is genius. Even if I drop off the face of the earth I really need to not stop reading your blog.

Nefernet said...

Hi Kae !

I noticed something on your survey : when choosing a role, I got Caster or Physical DPS, but on your first post of result, it's physical and melee...

I play a hunter, I'm a ranged physical DPS... Where should I answer. My most important thing here is I'm "ranged", I really don't like meleing, so I think caster is the good one...

Am I right ?

Kae said...

Magical DPS is mages, locks, moonkin, shadow priests, etc. They rely on spell-specific buffs.

Physical DPS is not as reliant on spellower buffs/stats, and are more interested in things like AP: rogues, kitties, ret pallies, hunters.

These categories have nothing to do with the range from the target :) I made this distinction because I've found that while I enjoy playing a hunter, I get no enjoyment from any of the other traditional magical dps classes. They are also distinguished in-game by buff sets: hunters' buffs go along with most of your melee physical dps (I say "most" due to DK's spells), while your other "ranged" dps are reliant on spell haste, spell crit, spell damage, etc.

For raids, hunters are lumped with magical dps because they are "ranged" for purposes of how close they are to cleaves and aoe and shared bomb-like abilities, and I don't think that should have much affect on overall play enjoyment. Between hunters and magical dps there are different stats, different buff synergy, different choices, and different damage types :)

The survey's original choice of roles was actually magical dps vs melee dps, an accidental error when I created it that left out hunters, except those leveling lowbies that raptor-strike their way through life :D All that I changed was to make "melee" say "physical," so the hunters aren't left out.

Beruthiel said... open ID is fussing...

I hope I'm not too late to the party!

I just submitted my survey, can't wait to see all of the resutls!

Anonymous said...

INFP is only 1% of the population? I guess I always knew I was a bit of an odd bird ;) or is that a Tiger of a different stripe?

Kae said...

INFP is listed as 1% of the population by the Kiersey standards... 4.4% by the MBTI standards. Still, it's pretty small.

I'm INFP, myself. Maybe we're driven to blogging :)

Trying to get numbers posted up for what I've gotten over the weekend; Arael helped by posting a similar survey on a few forums and sharing the results with me. Work's just been keeping me too busy today to be able to post the updated results!

Aertimus said...

You guys are weird!

<3 an ESTJ

... I don't really think you are weird if you were taking me serious...

I'm still exited to see the final results, once work lets up of course!

Kae said...

Heh heh, everyone is weird... it's those that INSIST that they're normal that you really have to worry about :D

Kimarah said...

Hi there!

After taking a few of the tests above I found myself to be an INFP in two out of three and INFJ (with merely 1 point in judging).

In WoW I usually take the role of a tank or a healer and I love to lead raids. Usually when I do so I try to make it fun and not lead too strictly or forcefully.

I like to think I'm very creative.(I'm an art student and yes.. play comes before work for me on more occasion than it should!)

This is a great idea! My guild leader directed me here. I hope I helped with your survey!

Also, I'm female and 20 years old, if that is at all relevant.


Paraprax said...

Took a few of the tests and turned out to be a dedicated INFPer (with at least 70% in all 4).

In World of Warcraft I play both on my rogue, and my healing/tanking/dpsing paladin. I've never quite been able to enjoy a casterdps class. I enjoy doing my job and being appreciated for doing it well, not so much leading or organising things.

Study to work with writing and litterature, I love creative people and I think I am somewhat myself, altho I'm very critical towards anything i produce.

Good job on this, can't wait to see the results!

//Para 21yo male.

Anonymous said...

Firmly INTP; thoroughly enjoying and prefering highly technical roles in PvP, with a dislike for PvE borne from incompetent raids and static content. Ranged classes are preferred, as they seem more interesting and challenging than melee. Healing still hasn't been given a try, so I don't know where I stand on the matter.

Oh, and I main a Mage.