Monday, August 10, 2009

Faction Transfer revisited

After playing 3.2 and some discussions with my husband, I've slipped more firmly to the side of transferring feral-Kae over to horde. His limit is the price: if it's, like, $50, it's not going to happen, because that's just ridiculous for what is technically an alt. If it's $25 or so, then she'll probably get transferred. Considering the realm transfers alone are $25, there has been conjecture that the price will be up in the $50 range; the official price has not been announced yet (as of August 10).

Why I want to transfer her:
  • I have to pug ALL THE TIME on alliance, and would rather to slip into groups with my friends instead rather than always rely on luck-of-the-draw in the LFG channel. I get lonely while playing her.
  • I can't dedicate myself to a 2nd guild without sacrificing part of the 1st (hence I've kept her in Dreambound as a solo guild).
  • I love playing feral cat and bear; melee is fun for me, and I much prefer playing a druid over my rogue.
  • The new tauren forms aren't as bad as the old ones.
  • When running chain heroics with my resto druid this weekend, I went into cat form on trash while letting rejuv/WG tick for heals. I need my feral fix.
  • I've grown quite fond of Kae-bear's new form. The skunk look is pretty cute and is my favorite of all the new feral forms, both cat and bear.
  • Potential price of the transfer may be too much.
  • No more easy access to alliance AH (and cheaper prices compared to Horde), white kittens, and other alliance-purchased pets, which I've been using to get pets for my horde main and friends.
  • My resto main gets the best feral gear and badges (over what feralKae would get as an alt). If I could tri-spec or quad-spec (beyond just dual-spec), this whole thing probably wouldn't be an issue, cuz I could then get my feral fix on Kaelynn and wouldn't have to deal with respecs, which themselves are a pain with all of the reglyphing required. Maybe Blizz will happily announce the additional of further spec-save configurations and all my worry will be for not?

: /

EDIT: it's been a while since I got a chance to sit down and just doodle in photoshop. I need to find more time for it, it's relaxing.


Anonymous said...

I too have given this some thought, and I'm 99.99% certain that Goldberrie will become a BE warlock.

I never play her, and my number one reason mirrors one of yours: I get lonely =(

Us druids are social creatures!

Kae said...

Yar... I've met some interesting people while pugging, but it's just not the same :(

Alaron said...

Kae, what is your main's dualspec? I do quite well with a feral hybrid mainspec and a resto off-spec...only thing I can't do is ranged DPS.

Kae said...

Kaelynn is resto main, moonkin offspec. We run with a feral druid in our raids who is cat/bear, so when I dps for raids, I'm needed as ranged dps, throwing in the +hit and crit aura buffs that our raid (10 mans) is usually without.

It's an unfortunate limitation of running 10's; we don't have all of the buffs in raid, but try our best to get as many as possible. The casters and other healers cheer for my turkey aura. I don't mind playing moonkin now and then, and I enjoy being able to experience all of the druid specs... but I know that I much prefer playing melee over caster when given the personal choice.

It's not an easy situation. : /

Aerivore said...

I love seeing other players who doodle as well. ^^ Love your art!