Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday 3.2 Running Commentary

I will be updating as I play tonight :) Wif pictures!

Logging In:

  • Pitbull 3.0, SCT, FuBar 3.6, and IceHUD had updates to download from Curse
  • Stuck at retrieving character list for about 4 minutes
  • Logging in with a full loading bar for 6 minutes (still loading), though hearing the dings of others logging in! Sitting in vent; a couple guildies are in the game and noting the NPCs have disappeared.

Children's Week

  • Trying to find the NPC for the children's week stuff... ah, there she is! She's outside the "Alliance" bank and inn, standing by the statue in the plaza, near the fishing fountain. You can choose which of the two "children" you want to look after, regardless of your current faction standing... I chose Wolvar.
  • Cowtip looks broken. :( Default tooltips are running, even though I told it to load out-of-date addons. Oomni says it's turned on (glad I installed Oomni before the patch, btw, so I don't have to log out to turn addons on and off!). Weird. Used LunarSphere to move the annoying game tooltips back to lock against the right side of my screen where they belong.
  • Spent the next bit lagging all over Dalaran. And then lagging all over Dragonblight just attempting to talk to my Wolvar orphan, since I hoped lag would be less outside of Dalaran :)

Pup Kekek wants me to take him all over the world... in this lag? He wants to go hunting and being warrior-y. Silly Wolfie. FYI, wolvar pup is a problem child...

  • The lag is lessening, but I'm wary yet of returning to Dalaran.
  • Flying over Wintergrasp will flag you for PvP still, but it won't drop you out of flight form :D Horde also won WG while I was flying over it... and I got the mark of honor O.o Cool.
  • Kekek wants a Paper Zepplin. Not sure he deserves it, bloodthirsty little fellow, but I guess it's not nearly as dangerous as, say, a gun. Or a rock. Of course, that is in Dalaran. Ughhh... don't wanna go there yet!

Raid??! Hello, Icehowl!

  • 7:00 Others making noise about starting up our raid, though some are still trying to log in. Might get something going here in another 45 minutes with the Coliseum.
  • 7:30 BLAH GRID ERROR! Grid's not showing more than 4 people in my raid and it keeps throwing an error up in my face :(
Interface\AddOns\Grid\GridRoster.lua:258: attempt to call global 'GetCurrentDungeonDifficulty' (a nil value)

  • 7:45 I had to turn off Grid (and Headcount) due to the Dungeon Difficulty bug. Turned on Pitbull. Kitarha reports that RatingBuster was also throwing up errors, though I turned that off when loading in cuz I wanted to see the Blizzard one.

  • 8:10 pm, I've tweaked Pitbull to show all the druid buffs (and thus my HoTs). It's not Grid, but it's functional. Now we're just dealing with AHMAGAD POISON! Those Jormungar are munching our tanks.
  • 9:11 pm, Not One, But Two Jormungars! Achievement :) But it was still a wipe. I'm using a lot of nourish here to keep the tanks alive; the damage has been super-spikey. Not liking the HoT display on Pitbull, since it's showing all "druid buffs" rather than just HoTs, but I'm adapting...
  • 9:25: Icehowl down! :) Our feral was dead the whole fight cuz he bugged and couldn't see the boss... or the fire... hehe! Little black kitty was flambĂ©ed. Scepter of Imprisoned Souls (Wand) and Gormok's Band (strength ring). We decided to go poke FL+4 after this, which'll be super interesting with the lag!

  • Break time before Ulduar, I went ahead and edited my lua file as EricTetz suggested in the comments, changing the GridRoster.lua's "GetCurrentDungeonDifficulty" to "GetDungeonDifficulty". Did a UI reload from there and it was all better! /boots Pitbull raid frames back out to unenabled-land. Thanks again, Eric!

Raid 2: Uld? VoA? Eh.
  • 9:52 Hearthed to Dalaran, back in lag-central. Attempting to purchase the pet raptor from Breanni and get little Mr. Bloodthirsty a paper zepplin. The raptor is 40g at exalted. I think the server's crashed, though... it just doesn't know it yet!

This guy was just swimming in place, hovering over the paving stones. I purchased a raptor, but it's not in my bags yet...
  • 10:02, I managed to mount up and start flying to Ulduar. Partway over the Storm peaks, I purchased 4 Obsidian Hatchlings... oops. Ha. Pets for my raiding buddies!! Alas, no one is actually able to load into Ulduar. I'm hanging out on the steps until loading works.
  • 10:12 I dueled our warlock so that he could practice banishes on me. His imp kept throwing fireballs at me, so I walked over and punched it. He cried "NOOOOOOOO, not Nokpit!!" and killed me for it. I mean, what, it's okay for his imp to turn me into a cooking fire, but I can't punch it in the face?? ;)
  • 10:15 Instance servers aren't letting anyone in, and even the trade window for one of the raptors has been stuck open for 3 minutes now. Sooo we decided to call it. Kitarha wants to go watch Hell's Kitchen with me. So, hope you all enjoyed my ramble, good luck tonight with your own attempts to play!!


Keeva said...

Forgot about the new orphans.. thanks! :D

Kae said...

The orphans have made up for the lag :) It's been fun reading the quest text!

Aertimus said...

Oh no... anything but grid errors!!!

(Darkspear is still down)

Pretty kitty!!!

I had remembered about the orphans but they fall on he list of "things Yakra is not that excited about related to this patch."

Kae said...

Mmm yeah, this grid bug is very unnerving, hopefully it will be fixed quickly. Pitbull doesn't show my HoTs atm :(

Aaron said...

in Grid go to layout solo set to 25 man, grid will work again.

Kae said...

Just tried it... but it was still throwing the error in my face :( had to turn it back off.

EricTetz said...

Edit GridRoster.lua, change GetCurrentDungeonDifficulty to GetDungeonDifficulty.

Kae said...

I'll have to try that later, can't log out while attempting to raid :) I say "attempting..." we're all dieing of laughter right now because I moonfired the last jormungar to death and was the last one standing as Frosthowl spawned, did a /taunt at him, and charged forward in tree form...

He hit me and I fell over :)

EricTetz said...

Don't need to log out. Just edit the file then reload UI.

Kae said...

Done! And it works beautifully. Thank you, thank you, thank you Eric!!

EricTetz said...

You're welcome. Can't take our Grid away! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Grid update!


The update was 5 or 6 days ago, but I downloaded it and ran the 10 man tonight completely error free =)

Aertimus said...

I downloaded the update tonight and was good to go as well.

Warning thought, Druid Main just posted this: http://druidmain.blogspot.com/2009/08/emergency-do-not-go-to-curses-website.html

Kae said...

Noscript and AdBlockPlus ftw ;)

Looking through the changelog at wowace, looks like they did fix the roster.lua for their download version, they just haven't given that version to curse yet??

Aertimus said...

That said, I think I may have downloaded right from WoWAce last night... I can't remember...

Kae said...

Any site that runs ads could be prone to a keylogger. It's not necessarily the website's fault. Some websites get hacked that just visiting them will instantly take over your computer with a virus that pops up lots of "error messages" that are programmed by the virus itself, and clicking them does nothing/makes things worse. I've watched it happen as a demonstration on an unprotected computer.

Noscript is your friend, and AdblockPlus is your next friend. Always assume that there will be something out there that wants to eat your computer and/or steal your data. Be paranoid. :)

Aertimus said...

Heck yes, to all the keylogger protection.

I was referring to maybe why my Grid was working last night.

Kae said...

Ah, yeah, prolly so :) Glad yours was working, though... it was quite an unpleasant experience attempting to heal without them!

I was glad I still had something of the raid frames set up in my savedvariables for Pitbull; the bars are how I had them when I was raiding feral through SSC/TK. It was a small surprise to see the settings and recognize them... but they weren't set up for treeform healing!