Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dragonsoul First Night

(Our moonkin and holy pally weren't there, so no stick figures for them)

Dragonsoul. First night in the instance, and six bosses knocked over in four hours, including time for a lot of swapping and boss explanations. The most difficult of the fights we did was Blackhorn (aka Gunship2.0) due to the cleaves and charges combined with the big bombs we had to cluster in, but once we decided to mark the healers with icons to keep other people away from them in the final phase and to have tanks stay out of the Twilight Onslaught (the big swirly) while the rest of the raid soaked it, it became more manageable. Ultraxion was only a problem for figuring out timing of the tanks clicking their phase shifts, and making sure everyone's action bars supported the new button and clicked it on time.

We actually forgot to take screenshots for killpics for any of the bosses, because they didn't feel like bosses and we just kept rolling like we were speed-clearing Firelands.


So, they requested a stick-figure killpic.

I enjoyed the refreshment of seeing new content, however, and am looking forward to testing out the hardmodes and seeing if they will provide the challenge we're seeking.

Anyway, we got H-Rag to a heart-wrenching 3% on Monday night before the patch, and there are reportedly some stealth nerfs that remove the lava geyser from P4, so I'm suspecting we'll finish DS normal tonight and head back to clear H-Rag. I'm upset about the nerf to H-Rag (or is it a bug?), particularly as we'll be going in with DS gear upgrades to further cushion the fight.

I am hoping to kick myself into gear about getting more stick-figure guides done. The more you bug me about it, the more likely I will remember to make the time to draw them!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Care of Ketheres, the undead deathknight I am always trying to keep from revisiting death (again). He'd be the sleepy one.

Too funny not to spread.