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Generic Macros

Macros intended for general use, though they may contain some druid-specific spells that other classes can swap out for their own.



UI scripts:

Whisper Target:

/script SendChatMessage("This text is what you will whisper to your current target.","WHISPER","Orcish",UnitName("target"))

  • Replace the red text with whatever you wish to whisper to the target.
  • If you are alliance, replace "Orcish" with "Common".

This macro script may be used in many different situations, combined with many abilities. For example, back in TBC, fighting Lady Vashj in SSC often brought use of a macro similar to this,

/use Tainted Core
/y --> Tainted Cookie to %t <--
/ra --> Tainted Cookie to %t <--
/script SendChatMessage("!!!YOU HAS DA COOKIE! It's tainted, don't eat it!", "WHISPER", "Orcish" ,UnitName("target"))

This script can also be tied to a spell cast, such as a whispered announcement that you have given the player Innervate or Guardian Spirit,

/cast [@target] Innervate
/script SendChatMessage("You have been innervated, use it wisely!!", "WHISPER", "Orcish", UnitName("target"))

Focus Target as Main Assist:

/clearfocus [mod:shift]
/focus [mod:shift] target
/stopmacro [mod:shift]
/a [@focus,exists]
/startattack [nostealth]
/cast Spellname

  • Hold the Shift key to replace your current focus with a new focus target.
  • If the Shift key is not held, then it will assist your current focus, start autoattack if you are not stealthed, and then cast an ability you specify.

Trinket + Attack:

#showtooltip [mod:shift] 14; 13
/use [mod:shift] 14; 13
/cast [harm] [@focustarget,harm] Starfire

Replace Starfire with your preferred spell or attack.
  • If the Shift key is held, it uses the bottom trinket and then casts the specified spell/ability at your target if they're an enemy, else at your focus' target if that is unfriendly.
  • Otherwise, it uses the top trinket and then casts the specified spell at your target if they're an enemy, or on your focus' target if that is unfriendly.

Trinket + Heal:

#showtooltip [modifier:shift] 13; 14
/use [modifier:shift] 13; 14
/cast [@mouseover,exists,help] [help] [@player] Lifebloom

  • If the Shift key is held, it uses the top trinket and then casts the specified spell at your friendly mouseover target, else your friendly target, else on yourself.
  • Otherwise, it uses the bottom trinket and then casts the specified spell at your friendly mouseover target, else your friendly target, else on yourself.

Emergency Potion Spam:

/use Fel Healthstone
/use Runic Healing Potion
/use Runic Healing Injector
/use Resurgent Healing Potion
/cast [@player,noform:1/3] Rejuvenation

This will consume any available potions or healthstones as well as cast a HoT on yourself if you are not in cat or bear form. Replace or add any healing potions you would normally carry, in the order that you would prefer them used up. You can only take one potion per combat, so order them by preference, as this macro will simply skip to the next if one is unavailable. If you are not a druid, alter the nostance:1/3 to reflect your own stances/forms, or remove it.

Herbalists can use /cast Lifeblood in this macro, draenei their own racial heal, and any healers can shield themselves or cast a heal on themselves at the end of this emergency spam, in place of rejuvenation. Tanks may choose to add a defensive ability here, but personally, I have preferred to keep my tank cooldowns separate, so that I can use them individually. A feral druid may add Survival Instincts here, or Barkskin, or Enrage / Frenzied Regeneration, by adding to the end ; [form:1/3] Barkskin

/use Fel Healthstone
/use Runic Healing Potion
/use Runic Healing Injector
/use Resurgent Healing Potion
/cast [form:1/3] Barkskin; [@player] Rejuvenation

Random Mount:

/run local m=GetZoneText() if (m=="Dalaran" or m=="Wintergrasp") and (GetSubZoneText()~="Krasus' Landing") then CallCompanion("MOUNT", 2);end
/run CallCompanion("MOUNT", random(GetNumCompanions("MOUNT")) )

This will cancel a current casting, cancel a shapeshift form, and begin to summon a random mount. The mount is completely random from any that you know, so the /stopcasting is useful for interrupting your summoning of a level 30 mount in favor of a level 60 mount.

If you are in Dalaran or Wintergrasp, it will instead summon a specific mount. You will need to choose a ground mount from your mounts tab and insert that number in place of the 2. The mounts in your mount tab are numbered sequentially.

Alternatively, you can specify what mount to use with a macro like this:

/castrandom [swimming] Aquatic Form; [combat] !Travel Form; [flyable] Swift Flight Form, FlyingMountNameOne, FlyingMountNameTwo, FlyingMountName3; GroundMountOne, GroundMountTwo

Random Vanity Pet:

/run CallCompanion("CRITTER", random(GetNumCompanions("CRITTER")) )

Simple script that will summon a random pet companion from among those that you have learned.

Malygos Healer:

/cast [@pet,mod:shift] Life Burst; [@pet] Revivify

This simple shift-toggle will allow you to quickly spam revivify on your pet, and then press shift to switch to casting Life Burst on your pet's own combo stacks from the revivify. This is useful when you are not dpsing Malygos, but instead entirely focused on AoE-healing the raid group. Keep your own drake targeted when using this macro so that you can monitor the combo point stack.

Set Raid Icon:

/script SetRaidTarget("target",3)

This script will set your current target as Diamond. 1 is star, 2 is circle, 4 is triangle, etc. This is a very quick and easy method for individual tanks to mark a mob as their own, or as a way for the main assist or tank to tell dps which target to kill first. CC'rs, if given privilege to mark targets, may also use this script to mark things that they are sheeping so that dps can be more careful. For more info on Raid Icons, check here.

If you'd rather have this macro work on mouseover rather than at your target, replace "target" with "mouseover".

Best use of this script is when keybound in a VERY accessible location, such as a mouse button. It can be tied to a spellcast or ability for expedience, like so:

/script SetRaidTarget("target",3)
/cast [form:1] Mangle (Bear)(), [form:3] Mangle (Cat)()

Exit Vehicle:

/script VehicleExit();

Ever had trouble getting off a vehicle? Run this script and it should pop you right off.

Pitch Limit:

/console PitchLimit 99999

360 degree camera rotation, and the ability to fly upside-down. Move while rotating the camera, and play around with the insert/delete pageup/pagedown keys. Prepare to see the world from a whole new perspective! You can also press the numpad 0 key while autorunning to do loops on a flying mount. In order to reset your camera pitch to default, type:

/console PitchLimit 89

Set Maximum Camera Distance:

/script SetCVar("cameraDistanceMax", 50)

This will increase your maximum camera distance as far as possible, allowing you more room to zoom out and see everything going on around you.

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