Friday, July 31, 2009

Kae's Flag-Carrying Song

Vroom vroom kitty kitty
with a pretty flag!
Zippy zippy over da hills,
it makes da horde so mad!
Shifty shifty vroom vroom,
Free action pots for me!
Don'try to chase cuz I'm too fast,
Faster than can see!
...oh no I stepped on a flower :'(

Vroom vroom kitty kitty
Streamers trail behind!
Pretty pretty spark-a-ly,
that priest is in my mind!
Sneaky sneaky turn-about,
they're all com-ing for me!
Protect the red and kill the blue
streamer that you see!
...yay I capped! /bear dance

Yes, I really sang this. In vent, on a couple occasions. Grinding honor with the Marshals group in the original realm-only BGs lead to quite a bit of insanity :) I made up additional lyrics on the fly as we played in Warsong Gulch, but I can't remember all of them, and these were honestly the best ones. Click the link to download an mp3 version, if you're zany enough to want to hear it!


I pieced another verse of my old flag-carrying song together from memory... it's one I hadn't previously written down, but I remembered parts of it because of the green whelp armor. That armor was awesome, pity they nerfed it to only work on targets below 51!

Vroom vroom kitty kitty
With my set bo-nus!
Speedy speedy fifteen percent,
Too fast n' make you miss!
But if I ever do get hit,
To sleepy sleep you go!
This pretty green whelp armor here
Isn't just for show!
...hehe, yay leatherworking.


Aertimus said...

Oh God, I'm dieing... so much for the 5 page paper I was supposed to be writing... I totally blame you! Podcast next IMO!

Kae said...

Lol... never podcasted, I wouldn't know where to start for one :)

Some of my guildies sing, too. I just start laughing as our two tanks burst into song as they run headlong into trash pulls! I've been tempted to have them make a video rendition of "Ulduar: the Musical" or something.

Aertimus said...


Kae said...

Rofl... go run some WSG ;)

Aertimus said...

It MAYBE got out of my head sometime last evening. Now its back in of course.

I even got Yakra singing it the other day!

Wiggen said...

can u re post ur song

Aertimus said...

Apparently I'm still subscribed to these comments, so seven months later its going to be stuck in my head again...

Kae said...

I re-uploaded it :)

...and YAY! It's an Aertimus!!