Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kae's LunarSphere Graphics

The following graphics can be imported for any WoW graphics addon, though they have been developed specifically for use with the LunarSphere mod as sphere art. Directions for importing them to LunarSphere can be found here. A .txt file is included with each .zip download with the file names for copy-paste-importing ease.

Organization is a bit scattered, since they were zipped by date of creation.

Some of the art is mine. Some of it is not. In all cases, these graphics are intended for personal, non-commercial use in user UI customization... so, play nicely with them!

Unpackaged Graphics:

Right-click and "save file as" a .png in your LunarSphere imports folder, then use a converter to turn them into targa's or blp files (such as blp2png). You'll have to copy the filenames manually to add them to your in-game skin settings menu in Lunarsphere.

Dragon Age art/screens:

DAO6, DAO7, DAO8, DAO9, DAO10,
DAO11, DAO12, DAO13, DAO14, DAO15,
DAO16, DAO17, DAO18, DAO19, DAO20,
DAO21, DAO22, DAO_Leliana


Ulduar1, Ulduar2, Ulduar3, Ulduar4, Ulduar5,
Ulduar6, lampglobe, wolf1, druid1, druid2

Unpackaged Graphics:

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