Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kae's New Bear Form


Kirei said...

YAY! lol I'm so jealous of the new druid forms. Not saying they certainly weren't needed for druids.. I'm just jealous XD

Can't level my druid yet.
Can't level my druid yet.
Can't level my druid yet.

BAH! lol :)

Keeva said...

I'm now levelling Drucie because she is my herb/miner druid. Awesome stuff:

a) she gets a Tome from Keeva and can fly around in Northrend right now (she's 69)

b) normal flight form is now 150% speed and feels SO much faster than before.. but

c) since I'm not raiding, I'm earning 500g a day from just dailies (plus all my AH-dabbling), so in less than 10 days I can have an epic speed druid flying around Northrend farming for me.

I love farming.

I love my druids.

Drucie is black.. so she is a kickass black cat with red markings.. and a skunk bear! :P

Kae said...

@Kirei: wha? Go level your druid! :D

@Keeva: Haha... I dunno, the tauren bears just have big butts; the elf black bear is slimmer and has a cuter face (no mustache), but has that silly white streak down the back :) I've been cracking up at it the couple times I've logged in to Kae-elf since the patch hit.

Yay for super-gold-farming druid alts, though; that'll be awesome for you to have swift flight form for herbing. I think it still shifts you out for mining, though, ne?

Keeva said...

I don't like the Tauren bear-beard. What's that all about?

Kae said...

I honestly don't know. It's been bugging me, too :( It's like they decided that the tauren ferals are all male, and the elven ferals are all female... manes on the lions, beards on the bears, and more feminine colors and a lack of beards on the night elf versions.

It's funny: when viewing the preview screenshots, I was disappointed at the sideburns on the night elf bear, and felt I could deal with the tauren bear's beard. Since playing them, the opposite is true! My skunk-bear is my favorite form now.