Sunday, August 30, 2009

Loremastering: Funny Moments

I've been working on Loremaster; it's nice, easy questing to help relax after all the pressure of work recently. It's let me explore areas of Azeroth I rarely see, or in rare cases, have never seen at all. I've also been able to have a laugh at some of the quests!
  • Collecting Termites is risky business for a tree.
  • Blood Elf: "You cannot imagine the hatred I possess for this wretched land. The ilk of Cenarius and the kaldorei druids at the peak employ their pathetic powers to stifle the flow of magic, even so far south of their pathetic holdings... their beloved forests. I have no doubt you love the night elves and their allies as little as I. Aid me, and both our ends might be satisfied. Go forth, slay the sons and daughters of Cenarius, druid!!"
    Kaelynn: "Wait, what??!"
  • Undead: "Place this toxin fogger at the Goblins' airport. And run."
    Kaelynn: "Are we defumigating it for the goblins?"
    Undead: "Something like that."
    Kaelynn: "This doesn't sound at all suspicious."
    Undead: "Don't worry about the goblins. They're chopping down your trees, aren't they? They deserve it."
    Kaelynn: >.>
  • Questgivers: "Hi there, here're 4 quests for Sunken Temple! Have fun!"
    Kaelynn: /completes quests grudgingly
    Questgivers: "Oh good, thanks for doing those! Because we know you love the instance, here are 2 more!"
    Kaelynn: "WTH?? Ohhh I hate you." /completes quests
    Questgivers: "Haha you thought you were done with ST? Here's another."
    Kaelynn: "I KEEL YOU"
  • Blood Elf: "Thank you for killing those darn druidy cenarius-offspring for me."
    Kaelynn: "..... I only did it cuz they attacked me first."
    Blood Elf: "Whatever. Now I want you to go into a druid stronghold and kill their leader, chop off his head, and bring it to me."
    Kaelynn: "WHAT?!"
  • Questhelper: Go to Stormwind to collect Runecloth.
    Kaelynn: "I don't think killing guards in Stormwind would be a very productive way of gathering runecloth."
  • Blood Elf: "Thank you for killing that druid for me"
    Kaelynn: "..... I only did it cuz he attacked me first. You're an evil, evil woman."
    Blood Elf: "Whatever. Now, while you were off killing my foe, I tortured a bunch of little kaldorei druids for information."
    Kaelynn: "WHAT?!"
    Blood Elf: "My, my, aren't you eager! Well, I found the location of a cache of ancient druid relics I want you to steal."
    Kaelynn: "And what exactly would you want with a bunch of ancient druid relics? >:( "
    Blood Elf: "Nothing. I just think it'd be hilarious for you to steal them."
  • Questhelper: Go to Stormwind to collect Rugged Leather.
    Kaelynn: "Wait, guards and Alliance players are skinnable now?"
  • Questhelper: Go to Tanaris to collect Venomhide Baby Tooth.
    Kaelynn: "I already did that daily today, I can't do it again."
    Questhelper: Oh, okay. Go to Un'Goro Crater to collect Venomhide Baby Tooth.
    Kaelynn: ...
  • /clicks crate in lumbermill to deposit Termites.
    No quest pops up.
    /wags arms energetically over crate to deposit Termites.
    No quest turn-in pops up.
    Questhelper: "I can't do that, Dave."
  • Troll: "Bring back 4 frostmaul shards, and my lucky charm will be yours."
    Kaelynn: "You don't LOOK like a leprechaun..."
  • Blood Elf: "Defile Uther's Tomb, and be quick about it, druid!"
    Kaelynn: "What do you want me to do, mark it in cat form? O.o"
  • Undead: "Here, let me get those termites off of you and put them in this jar."
    TreeKaelynn: "Phew, thanks! I almost lost a limb!"
    Undead: "Heh. Now go release them in the lumbermill."
    TreeKaelynn: " are trying to kill me, aren't you?"
  • Drunken Dwarf: "I want to milk you."
    Kaelynn: "I'm sorry, this is just too wrong. I'm not that kind of cow."
    Drunken Dwarf: "It's okay, here, I'll give you a mug of it when I'm done."
    Kaelynn: "NO!" O.O /flees


Kayeri said...

I really gotta get my belfie back in gear and experience these quests...

::giggling as I'm also very grateful my lone hordee isnt a druid::

((Kayeri the NE druid))

Taz said...

This was hilarious...thank you so much for sharing!

Nefernet said...


That remember me the first time I entered Molten Core with my baby druid, she was 55 and with a few guildies already 80 we entered the dungeon, and it was often :
"OGM, I'm burning, help, that's too hot ! Why on earth did I accept to go inside a volcano ? Me, a tree !!!"
And the other were saying :
"Yes ! BBQ time !"


Anonymous said... is what surprises me most about your post:

That you can actually ENTER sunken temple!

I did Mauradon quests this weekend for my loremaster, at 3am server time, and we still had about 20 minutes of "Additional Instances canno be launched, please try again later". Brade came and ran at the door for me while I completed the quests that didn't require me to actually zone in.


Kae said...

Turalyon's been pretty good about that. It got really frustrating 2-3 weeks ago, but I've not seen as much of the instance-full problems ever since around Blizzcon, for my server.

Nefernet, most of my guildies try to roast marshmellows on my arms during the firefighter achievement for Mimiron :( I later complained that the marshmellow makes my arms sticky and then mobs stick to me when I punch them. :D