Monday, July 13, 2009

TBC Memories: Al'ar Strat!

A strat that I and an old mage guildie put together back in the days of The Burning Crusade, for Al'ar the phoenix boss of Tempest Keep. I stumbled across it in my photo album and wanted to share :)

They don't quite fit in the blog's width, so go ahead and click to view them fullsize.

I've been crazy-busy this past 4-5 days prepping for the camp; been helping sort paperwork, create props, design riddles, iron on the logos to 100 t-shirts, find foodstuffs in the giant Sam's Club, and even took a visit to the site on Saturday to mentally plan out tent arrangements and hike one of the trails to plot the night hike (btw, the blackberries were ripe and yummmm)... not to mention packing, including finding a chance around the rain to air out and check my tent. I've even taken a page out of my druids' book and did a tiny bit of leatherworking.

Around that, my guild picked up a few new achievements the past week, including Steelbreaker hardmode (with 3 strong healers and quick DPS, it IS easier than Molgeim). We put some work into Vezax hardmode, and were close to getting it done; we even killed the animus once. We were falling apart between the split-healing on the two tanks (and having the cooldowns up to shield through the surge) and the ranged dps loosing focus and getting slaughtered by crashes/leeches, but ohhh we were close... had we more time in the night we could've had it, luck be with us. We went ahead and killed him normally so we'd have time to quickly KO Yogg. We'd intended to try Yogg with only 3 watchers, but we just ran out of time since we put so much more into Vezax.

Next weekend, perhaps :) Right as I get back from camp!


Sylly said...

lol Kae, this is so full of win! =) brings back memories. This was one of my favorite TBC fights. Learning it was a blast!

Kae said...

I've considered doing my yogg strat in comic form, since it was so much fun to do the Al'ar one. There are so many Yogg strats out there that I didn't feel like I needed to beat a dead horse with text... oh no, I need to hit it with photoshop and a mouse instead! :D