Thursday, July 23, 2009

Moonkin +Hit Cap

Patch 3.1 - 3.3

The hit a moonkin wants to aim for is 10% +hit, or 263 hit rating at level 80.


17% hit is needed overall to hit a raid boss at level 80 (~level 83 mob).
  • Of this, 4% is gained through the Balance of Power talent.
  • Another 3% is gained by having IFF or Misery (from shadow priests) up on the boss.
  • This leaves 10% hit to be made up for on your gear.

What about non-bosses?

A full chart of spell-hit compared to level difference can be found here at wowwiki. Long story short, though, for a PvE mob that is the same level as you, you need 4% spellhit to overcome the base miss chance, which is made up for by Balance of Power alone.

The following spellhit numbers assume base -hit chances. Any further affects that increase your chance to miss, such as Choking Cloud, are not included.

  • Level 80 mobs: you need no +hit gear or IFF/misery, unless there is a special -hit reduction being applied to you.
  • Level 81 mobs: 95% chance is 1% more than Balance of Power. You will need to use IFF/misery, or have about 27 hit rating available to make up for that 1%.
  • Level 82 mobs: 94% chance is 2% more than Balance of Power. You will need to use IFF/misery, or have about 53 hit rating available to make up for that 2%.
  • Level 83 mobs: 83% chance to hit; this is a large drop from the level 82 mobs. You will need a total of 17% spellhit, requiring Balance of Power, IFF or Misery, AND 10% spellhit on your gear, which is 263 (262.3) hit rating.
It is extremely unlikely that we will come up against anything above this level in the current PvE expansion. Any misses that occur when at the 17% "cap" will be due to external -hit effects.

Draenei party members!

They'll buff you with another +1% hit rating, reducing your hit rating requirements by around 27 (26.23 to be exact). Moonkin who raid with draenei will only need 9% additional hit rating over Balance of Power and IFF/Misery, which is about 237 (236.07) hit rating.

And PvP?

The base PvP hit chance for equal-level players is the same as for an equal-level mob: 96%. This is covered by our Balance of Power talent, so unless your opponents find a way to reduce your chance to hit with spells, you should be covered. If they do reduce it, you can use IFF to increase your hit by another 3%.


Averna said...

This is a really informative post - I always knew what hit was, and why dps had to have it - but I didn't actually know how they got it or what the cap was. If I ever go boomkin, I'll be coming back to this post =)

Kae said...

Turkey time! Gobble gobble!!