Wednesday, August 11, 2010

RS10: Halion, Flowchart

So, weeks ago I started trying to come up with a full stick-figure strat for Halion without it becoming a full 5-page epic like the Lich King did. Then I decided it'd be best to just make it a heroic strat.

But we haven't successfully killed Halion on heroic mode, yet. And what's a heroic guide without excellent tips from someone that's actually seen the dragon DEAD?

So, as a hold-over until I'm able to finish a more formal stick-figure strat (or even a full-out text strat, but I know most of you would rather see stick figures screaming at each other), I have a simplified flow chart.

A simple-strat flow chart with stick figures.

Enjoy. :)

(I'm also posting this a day early, cuz it's finished and I know you all missed your dose of bad artwork while I was gone!)


Hana said...

I like how it all boils down to: don't stand there. :)

Theladas said...

It's sad, but true. This is more or less the ultimate "don't stand in bad stuff" encounter. It's plain dumb-easy once you can manage that, too. The problem is, even the best of us at avoiding bad stuff are hosed by the sheer number of opportunities to flail into a veritable Venn-Diagram of death.

Simon said...

I like stuff like this, going to put a link to this page on our guild forums... everyone likes pictures!

Kae said...

I'm going to go drop my shadow marks in this nice safe corner over--OMG I'M ON FIRE AHHH AHHH IT BURNS--carps I'm dead.

Mr. Tree said...

Its... Its beautiful!

Ceraphus (aka Avatar) said...

This was awesome loved it! Added the flowchart to my guild's strat section, informative and funny at the same time.

My guild has always responded well to your stick figures :)

Mara said...

First time visitor, but I enjoyed this flowchart very much. I posted it and a link to the post on my guild forums after a disastrous attempt at RS10 last night. I hope you can fix our dragon-deading problems. :)

Thank you for the great post!