Friday, December 4, 2009

Ony10: Many Whelps! Handle It!

This is another 10-man achievement that seems to evade many guilds (only 2.5% have it). In order to get it, you must hatch 50 whelps within ten seconds of Ony lifting off from the ground and jumping into the air.... not from the moment she turns from the tank and starts walking to the front of the room!

We had to wipe and reset this several times before figuring out the best way to get all of the whelps hatched in time. What worked for us in the end was thus:

  1. Turn off nameplates (v key) to help reduce lag with the zillion whelps you're going to spawn. Turn down graphics effects to minimum if you are at all prone to disconnects from system overload.
  2. Fight her as normal at the far end of the room, where she begins the fight. Designate FOUR (or more) players to be hatchers.
  3. At 70%, these hatchers run back to the entrance and take up stations: one at the mouth of each side of the cave (where the whelps enter the main room), and two facing opposite directions on the *bridge* leading into Ony's cave from the tunnels that arcs over the middle of the whelp cave.
    (think of the room like a pottery vase with two handles for the whelp cave, though the whelp cave crosses under the bridge and is one giant loop)
  4. At 65%, all hatchers hold position while the rest of the raid follows Ony. A designated raid leader will wait until she lifts off from the ground into the air, then call the GO for the hatchers to enter the caves.
  5. The hatchers run through the caves from all 4 directions, hitting every egg that they can while popping sprint/speed pots/etc. Tanks attempt to pick them all up. Some people disconnect. Some hatchers may get aggro and die in the tunnels.
  6. DPS holds until the whelps are all picked up by the tanks, then the massive aoe begins. Some people may (and probably will) disconnect again.
  7. Those dead in the caves watch and wait until the rest of the raid somehow manages to 8-man the rest of the fight while down their resto druid and hunter, who are laying dead in the whelp caves. (/sigh)
  8. Priest laughs as she resses the dead resto druid from the safety of the wall over the whelp cave. Loot boss.
  9. Very likely shard the hats since no one in the raid can equip them, or they have better.
Hey, if it works, it works :D

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