Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What's Your (Resto) GCD?

Patch 3.3

In the "race" to get more haste gear, a common question seems to be "well, what's my GCD right now, with the haste that I have?" After all, with the soft cap being increased relatively high, many are having to juggle their haste with their other stats in an effort to maintain a balanced and flexible playstyle, particularly druids who do more than just raid heal or don't have access to 25-man raid gear.

Remember, you don't want to gimp yourself trying to reach the 1-second cap: it's not THAT important compared to your spellpower and staying-power!

5/5 GotEM, no CF
BuffsRating required for 1 second GCD/Nourish
Nature's Grace proc447.13
Wrath of Air Totem960.32
Improved Ret/Turkey Aura1062.13
WoA + Aura855.41
WoA + Aura + NG proc

Below is a full graph of the haste rating to GCD time comparison, assuming the druid has full 5/5 GotEM. Round your haste to the nearest 50, and follow the lines with the appropriate raid buffs to find your GCD. Remember, 1 second is the minimum possible.

5/5 GotEM with an extra 3% haste from 3/3 Celestial Focus, your haste will look like this:

5/5 GotEM, 3/3 CF
BuffsRating required for 1 second GCD/Nourish
Nature's Grace proc338.61
Wrath of Air Totem855.41
Improved Ret/Turkey Aura935.69
WoA + Aura734.99
WoA + Aura + NG proc

Remember that you will be giving up versatility with other talents if you choose to go the CF route, or stack on the haste rating. Hundredths of a second are just that: hundredths of a second, and indecision or even lag can eat those away from you. Don't gimp yourself and hurt your raid trying to reach the soft haste-cap if you don't need to or don't have the spellpower and mana regen to back it up.

Play smart.


Ly said...

Oh! thank you, thank you, thank you!!!



Verile said...

Nice post!

I have been stacking haste like crazy. Managed to get around 700 so far. I've had terrible luck getting a weapon with haste on it.

Kae said...

Ly made me do it! :D