Friday, December 18, 2009

Guild Gifts: Winter Veil White Elephant

Guild White-Elephant Gifts

As part of holiday fun, we are considering doing a white-elephant gift swap in my guild. Unfortunately, wrapped items cannot be stored in the gbank. These are the rules/directions we've come up with thus far:

  • Everyone gets a gift (farmed or purchased) and wraps it (thus limiting it to non-stackable items, so potions and mats are out).
  • All participants then random-roll to determine turn order. Announce before rolls are made whether you'll have #1 go first, or top roll go first.
  • All gifts are given to a moderator with adequate bagspace. This better be someone you can trust not to open the gifts and re-wrap them... or run off with them all ;)
  • The first player trades the moderator for a gift and unwraps it (if you want, you can request a wrapping paper color), linking the item to the guild. They place the unwrapped gift on the "table" (be it in a guild bank tab, or just have it written down as to what it was).
  • The next player may now choose to unwrap a present, or STEAL an opened present from someone who has already had a turn.
    • If they choose to unwrap a fresh gift, then they select a wrapped gift, withdraw it from the bank, and unwrap it, linking to the guild what it is. The next person not to have opened a gift yet now gets their turn.
    • If they choose to steal an already-opened gift, then they now must be marked down as the owner of the other unwrapped gift (or traded it), and the person they stole from now gets a new turn.
  • Each individual gift may only be stolen a maximum of 3 times before it is considered "locked" and no one may steal it from the person who has it last.
  • If no one stole the gift that the first person opened, most groups will allow that first person to then choose to steal any of the gifts (that are not locked), once all of the gifts have been opened.

Trading of opened gifts between people outside of the above rules is only permitted AFTER the end of the game :)

Wrappable WoW gift ideas include:
Only non-stackable, BoE items are wrappable. This eliminates things like potions, leather, uncut gems, and the racer toys and windup gorillas.

  • Pink Mageweave Shirts are always popular!
  • Karandonna in Dalaran's Threads of Fate has lots of expensive shirts
  • Wound Dressing/etc clothing from Dalaran First Aid station
  • Dresses
  • Chameli in Dalaran's Threads of Fate has two expensive hats
  • Overpriced no-stat rings
Griftah in Lower City Shattrath sells a bunch of silly, useless trinkets, like Soap on a Rope and the Polished Pendant of Edible Energy. He also sells the Hula Girl doll needed for crafting the engineering helicopter mounts, which I *believe* is wrappable but haven't tried.

The Intravenous Healing Potion IV-drip-bag is wrappable.

Minipets (especially rare ones, or cross-faction)

Recipes: rare ones that a guildie might need, or opposite-faction cooking recipes. Savory Deviate Delight recipes particularly come to mind.

BoE epics (including crafted)

Cut Gems (I'm fairly sure these are wrappable)

~~Have some more wrappable gift ideas? Please share! :) ~~

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