Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Patch 3.3 Running Commentary

I will update over the evening with screenshots and commentary.

Login server is unstable; repeated disconnects while loading the character selection screen. Munching on pasta. Becoming quite friendly with my account authenticator; I've turned remembering the codes into a memory game as I keep logging in and disconnecting.

Giggling that the handful of servers that remained "up" were all low-pop, and have gone to Locked in the past couple minutes. Still munching pasta, and watering my plants in Restaurant City. Nom nom.

Servers have disappeared completely. Hrmm. /calls in the Ghost Wolf search squad. /waits. /goes to watch TV.

*twiddles thumbs* Those who were logged in a couple hours ago are still logged in and running instances... guildies looking for a healer... and the login servers are still dead. Huzzah.

I'm in! yay I got a corehound pet :)

IMPORTANT: Buttonfacade + Bartender are having a clash. Turn off ButtonFacade to use your bartender bars.

Albino Snake and Calico Cat are 40g a piece off of Breanni, at exalted rep. Now to get myself OUT of Dalaran, ASAP! :D Sexymap is popping up some errors with:

Interface\AddOns\SexyMap\General.lua:284: attempt to index global 'InterfaceOptionsObjectivesPanelAdvancedWatchFrame' (a nil value)

May turn it off.

Raid gathering together for a first foray into ICC10. Turned off sexymap :( But most of the rest of my UI seems quite functional. The raid daily is "Flame Leviathan Must Die!"... dunno if we'll get to that tonight, but meh :)

There are a lot of vendors just inside of the ICC instance (located at the top of the stairs leading up from where the Argent Tournament dailies had you joust the mounted minions).

Hmmm where is my Quartz castbar?? O.o broken mod!

There is trash that explodes on death (skellies) and Nerub'ar that webwrap. We found that they will target snake traps to cast web wrap :) Spread out from each other when fighting the Servants, the do a frosty spike attack that lances through the ground at a group of people.

The GIANT Deathbone Wards have a saber-lash ability, so your tanks will need to stand together to tank them. They patrol around and can aggro while you're fighting other trash, so watch out :) They will leash back if you go down the stairs out of their room, though. They also have a disrupting shout.

Marrowgar's room. Pulling trash there... Deathbones from there didn't leash when we pulled them halfway down the stairs. Marrowgar looks pretty cool :)

And... he's pretty easy. We one-shot him. :)

Lady Deathwhisper is visible from the top of Marrowgar's room.

An unfortunate trash wipe from pulling multiple packs resulted in us all getting locked outside the instance with "Transfer Aborted: Instance Not Found." Bleh.

After a Vortex Dance Party outside ICC, instance came back up. I recommend pulling the Deathwhisper room trash to the top of the stairs, using LoS to pull the casters up and killing them there.

Lag and boss confusion, our only "physical" dps in the raid atm is the prot warrior and ret pally, which is... well, not really physical that much :) So we swapped to two healers and had me go kitty, and it went smoothly. 3 total attempts, and Lady Deathwhisper is down.

Stay away from the spirits in P2, they explode when they reach their target. Melee on the Adherents, and a spell-tank and casters on the fanatics.

Elevator up to the air ships! Whee! I'm looking forward to jetpacks. Kill the Heirophant of the trash first, she heals.


Jetpaaaaack! Using the jetpack while in feral forms is.... amusing. Oh, I found my quartz, somehow it got turned off.

Taking a quick break before finishing the last part of the instance, then heading over to work on the 5-mans.

Added mark of the Fallen Champion and Boiling Blood to my Grid Frames. We're taking our time between attempts to get cooldowns back (Lay on Hands). Set up to have the two healers in the middle of the room for Saurfang, and the ranged dps spread out to the sides, while tank and melee stand on platform.

After a lot of work learning how best to split our dps, we killed Saurfang and got "I've Gone and Made a Mess" while we were at it :)

The blacksmith sells flowers.

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