Thursday, December 3, 2009

Community Spotlights

...because there have been some truly awesome posts recently, and I don't want others to miss out.
  • Charles at Planet of the Hats had an excellent, depthy post on Gear Pollution. He goes into the history of raid progression and how it has developed into the 10 and 25 tiers of hardmodes we see now, and what the current problems are with this system, from gear gaps on loot tables to a disdain for 10-man guilds as inferior "casuals." Long read, but well worth the time. As he says, "grab a cup of tea (NO YOU CAN’T USE COFFEE INSTEAD), sit back, relax and embrace the wall of text to follow."
  • Offtopic of WoW, I discovered both MLIA and Google Mystery this week. I am much amused, especially by the twilight vs harry potter war. I also laughed at and attempting to follow google's "did you mean:?" when trying to search the word "recursion." Discovering a wikipedia list of all of the crayola colors was fun, too, though saddening as I saw many of the colors I remember from childhood have been retired (Mulberry, Raw Umber, Thistle...)
  • Kyth at StratFu has finished rolling out the new website format, which invites users to submit strategies. She finally got the forums back up, too ;) StratFu is currently hosting probably the most extensive collection of ICC strategies from the PTR. She's asking for some druid guides... I've been slightly tempted to submit some, but seems kinda silly when I have guides written out here on my own blog already :) /shrug.
  • Speaking of ICC guides, Yogscast did a great compilation/commentary preview on the bosses of ICC. Youtube video here.

I'm also going to break down and post a real photo. Of... a resto druid and a feral druid!!!

The tree is casting tranquility. Pretty lights, see? And the feral druid is OBVIOUSLY attempting some crazy cower ability. There's also a teldrassil sproutling on the coffee table, and some priest seems to have misplaced their candle reagents.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.


Charles said...

Oh wow, thanks for the mention! I'm already finding that the long post is breeding lots of long comments, so I think I'll have to do a followup to reply to them all at some point - as well as to point out some other bloggers' contributions to the subject.

I also speculate that the sproutling on the table may actually be a third druid disguised by Baby Spice! If so he or she appears to be indulging in some OOFSR regen time.

Deleted my first comment due to an error on my part, but now it's left a messy stain :(

Kae said...

I fixed. :)

Hmmm baby spice... I hadn't considered that as a possibility!! I'll have to watch it and make sure the buff doesn't suddenly wear off and crush my coffee table.

Anonymous said...

nice thanks for the spotlights, and cute real feral kitty u got there.

Mark said...

I like what happens when you type "test" into Mystery Google. Call me boring, but it was the first thing I tried. :P