Monday, May 4, 2009

U10: Mimiron

Mimiron: "Gaze upon its magnificence! Bask in its! I present you with...V-07-TR-0N!"

Now this was a fun fight, and a true challenge. So much of this boss requires precision and coordination, and all players in the raid must be ever-aware of things that might just kill them. Overall, Mimiron has 4 phases, where he tests each of the three components of his machine on you, and then combines them all for a last phase. You will probably need 3 healers for this (when learning it, at the least), given players going out of range and mana concerns; have shaman/pallies run fire resist auras/totems to help mitigate damage.

Phase 1: The Feet
One tank, and ranged need to spread out a bit from each other, but remain in range of the healers. Healers should stay relatively near the MT
  • Plasma: there is one tank in this phase, and the most deadly thing to happen to them is Plasma. Keep up full LB and Rejuv, and when Plasma is casting, pre-load regrowth/nourishes to start landing the moment Plasma hits. As tree druids, the only thing we can do to mitigate plasma is to just heal through it, so be ready to spam Nourish, Swiftmend, and even let your LB stack drop for a chunk of healing, and be ever-ready to use NS+HT. It won't last terribly long, but this is what kills most raids in phase 1.
  • Napalm Shell: a targeted attack on a random ranged player that will put a dot on the target and drop a patch of fire on the ground. It is for this reason that you want to have your ranged players spread out from each other, so that multiples are not hit by the same shell.
  • Land Mines: these are spread in a circle around Mimiron's Tank, and remain there until someone runs over them or Mimi decides to detonate them all himself. Avoid running into the area at all costs, or you will trip over one. Beware, they can be hidden under the skeletons of previous attempts!
  • Shock Blast: an aoe he casts that requires all in melee range to run away. You should be safe from this unless for some obscure reason you happen to be within 15 yards of the boss. Melee will need to be ever-aware of their escape routes from this through the mines, and as a healer, you need to be ever-aware of your tank's location so that they do not run out of your range to avoid this attack.

Phase 2: the Torso

One tank and much fleeing. Ranged should spread out in an arch around the boss to limit how many people are taking damage at any given time from the smaller Rapid-Burst attacks he shoots around the room (easily healed through, but stay on your toes and use your rejuvs to prep for emergency swiftmends), with healers interspersed to blanket the raid.
  • Spinning Up for Laser Barrage: Laser Barrage will usually kill anyone caught in it, melee and ranged alike. This is similar to C'Thun's eye beams, and will move clockwise around the room from its starting point. The spin-up is your warning of where it is going to start: if he spins up and faces you, RUN. The whole raid needs to move to avoid being hit by this. It will not be a complete 360-degree barrage around the whole room when he starts shooting... closer to 180 degrees, I think, but don't quote me on that as exact! You CAN dps through the spin-up to prevent him from using laser barrage, but I don't know the exact specifics of what stops him from starting the barrage.
  • Rocket Strike: he sends up a rocket that will each be targeted at a certain person, but unlike the napalm shells, these can and SHOULD be avoided. A red-orange firey cricle effect will appear on the ground where they are going to land, and move away from it so that it splashes down harmlessly. It will target melee and ranged players alike. It will one-shot whoever is caught in the blast zone when the rockets land.
  • Heat Wave: a constant source of raid damage, which should be mitigated some by pally/shaman resistance auras.

Phase 3: the Head
Adds, bomb-bots, and a helicopter-boss that's probably going to be focused on one of your ranged dps. You will probably want to designate a single, strong ranged DPS player to act as tank in this phase, while your melee tanks handle the adds and wrangle the bomb-bots.
  • Plasma Ball: standard attack on the person with highest threat (your ranged tank). It is not an AoE, so it is safe to hang out with the ranged tank.
  • Bomb-bots: these are dropped out of the flying boss helicopter-head, so everyone needs to stay out from under him. They will pick a random target to chase, but can be taunted off, slowed, or even killed before reaching their target. They will explode on death (or if they catch someone). We decided to have our feral druid go bearform to "tank" these, pulling them to him and eating the explosion, nothing a swiftmend and a small hot couldn't fix.
  • Adds: these spawn along the "spokes" of the wheel on the floor, in each of the three circles along the spoke. A colored light--green or red--will signify which will next spawn adds, and your tank will be quite busy rounding them up. If you get an add on you, run it to them (avoiding bomb-bots) or call it out for them to taunt it off (target the add to assist their taunt). You can take a few hits from the junkbots, but they're pesky.

Phase 4: by your powers combined...
Now it gets REALLY fun: you get to fight all 3 at once, and they have to die within 15 seconds of each other. The pieces start this phase low health to begin with (50%), but your dps must be well-trained in switching targets and monitoring the health bars. You now must watch both your melee tank and your ranged tank for healing, as well as the standard raid damage.

The attacks have the same effect as before.
  • Laser Barrage (with the warning Spinning Up)
  • Rocket Strike (but with two rockets instead of just one, now)
  • Land Mines
  • Shock Blast
  • Plasma Ball (just at ranged tank)
He has one new attack:
  • Hand Pulse: a cone of fire damage cast at a random target. Your raid needs to be spread out to lessen the impact of this, and your good old pally/shaman fire resist auras.
Resto druids in this last phase will usually focus on assisting with raid-wide healing, and possibly be the ranged tank's primary healer since full LB + rejuv should be able to keep them up.

Have fun with this fight. It is exciting and challenging, and I look forward to killing him again next week.!


Anonymous said...

Heya Kae! Great write up! Our 25 man did him last night, and it was a blast. Everytime he shouted "Medic!" I about fell out of my chair lauging!

I just wanted to give you a heads up, in Phase 4 Mimiron does not cast Plasma Blast on the tank. If he was doing that for you last night, you were in a buggy encounter =)

Just thought you would probably want to clarify that for your post!


Kae said...

Oh, thanks, could've sworn he was casting it... ah well, I was healing the raid/ranged tank at the time anyway :D

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you had a write up for 10m firefighter.

Kae said...

Not yet, but it is on my ever-growing to-do-list :)