Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Ghostfish + some LS gfx

Funny story and a "O.o" at the patch notes for today:
  • Phantom Ghostfish: Can now be caught from Nettlefish Schools in Scholazar Basin.

I *swear* this was originally the case when the fishing dailies were first released. I was able to fish them out of schools around Scholazar, and I know for a fact that I looted many of them from a school spawn in the swamp just west of River's Heart. Then, one day, I went out to fish one up, and it just wouldn't drop.

I flew all over the basin, fishing out of every pool I could find... ironically, ignoring the ones in River's Heart because politely I didn't wish to steal from those already fishing there. I fished, I fished, I fished... cast after cast of nettlefish, suckerfish, and miscellaneous flotsam. By the time I had 3 stacks of Nettlefish, I thought I was just cursed with a streak of poor luck. By the 90th Nettlefish, I thought I was bugged. I asked my guild, "Is the Ghostfish quest broken?"

They replied, no, it only took them the normal 6-8 or 16 casts to get the ghostfish that day. "Hrm," I replied, "I've got 90 nettlefish alone, and no ghostfish! I'm chasing schools all over Sholazar."

Zendaire (who has the Salty title) was confused. "I thought you could only get them out of River's Heart..."

"I don't think so... I've gotten them out of the schools before," but I brought up my quest log anyway, and sure enough, it said River's Heart.

Any Northrend angler worth her salt knows about the pygmy suckerfish. It's not edible, but sometimes useful to alchemists.

There is, however, a stealthy fish that hides among the suckerfish in the River's Heart of Sholazar Basin. The phantom ghostfish. When out of water, they become increasingly translucent until they fade away completely. Some hypothesize they return to Sholazar, and others are more... superstitious.

I want you to catch this fish and discover it's secret by any means!

Scratching my head, I swooped down to River's Heart and started fishing. My luck wasn't ready to right itself yet, so it was a good 20 casts more before it popped up, but it did! I finally had my ghostfish, fresh from the school-less, overfished waters of River's Heart.

I sighed, and figured it was another "fix" added to 3.1, and have since then just fished up my ghostfish among the dozens of other anglers crowding River's Heart. Until now. Until this patch, when I can again fly forth over the shallow rapids of the jungle rivers and fish from the gathered schools, where there might be turtles all the way down!! (Edit: which a guildie got today :p )

Side note for those of you using LunarSphere, I made a handful of new sphere graphics today using a couple images I found being used as avatars. Pretty stuff. Some of the graphics are from the game Nevermore3 (lots of fun!). As .png files, you will need a converter to turn them into blp or tga files. These graphics are only for personal, non-commercial use.

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