Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ignis Macro?

Some have been asking me about a macro used for the Ignis fight, a macro for finding the victim of the Slag Pot quickly. I've never had any trouble finding the victim manually in a 10-man raid, but I suppose trying to pick them out quickly in a 25-man raid is a bit more tricky. Below I have outlined some options on how to pick these targets out.

Mix and match
these recommendations as you feel necessary!

Recommendation #1:
Have a raid leader or raid-assist using Deadly Boss Mods. It will put a skull on the victim (and announce it to the raid via a colored raid warning).

- Recommendation #1.5:
Have raid icons enabled on your raid frames. I use GridStatusRaidIcons and GridIndicatorCornerIcons to allow my Grid frames to show the raid icons (the graphics) in the corners of each health box.

Recommendation #2
Add the Slag Pot debuff to your raid frames, if available. Grid users, you can follow instructions here on how to do that. The Slag Pot debuff is also included in the GridStatusRaidDebuffs extra addon. Other raid frames may or may not have automatic adding of these debuffs (Xperl does, and sRaidFrames needs to have debuff tracking enabled for it) .

Recommendation #3
Use an assist macro and click it whenever Ignis is choosing his target. This requires awareness of when he's charging/grabbing his victim, because once they're in the slag pot, Ignis will target the MT again and thus the macro will fail to target the slag pot victim. If you want to go this route, though, here is the assist macro:

/assist Ignis

Recommendation #4
Have them call out in your voice chat/ventrilo. They should say their name, and if your raid doesn't know each other well, their class so that the healers can more easily locate them. "Druid Kae in the slag pot!" etc.

Hope this helps :)


Unknown said...

Boss Mods are great and only the raid leader really need to have them on. I tend to look at my screen more then my bars so I keep an eye out for the giant "SKULL" and my superior mouse targeting skills takes over...

-cough- Well that's one way to do it, if you trust yourself enough to not stare at the bars the whole fight.

Vent is key, but you can win against Ignis without it! :)

Kae said...

I've run so long with DBM that I feel naked raiding without it ^^;

I remember adding manual timers during the downtimes in AQ40 and BWL. Ohh those were fun times. I haven't done those in a while.
"Pizza will be gone in: (timer bar ticking down)"
"(Mage's name) will die in:"
"Gustave will buy a new computer part in:"
"Sazoroth's Smoke Detector will Beep in:"

Now that I'm reminded of them, woe be to my fellow raiders tonight!!

Anonymous said...

Kae, I see you mention GridStatusRaidIcon. I saw this module, and went to pick it up and saw on Curse that it was in an alpha version. I tracked it down on the WoWAce page, but was too chiken to try it(/bagawk)!

Does it work well? If so, perhaps I will pick it up tonight!

Kae said...

I like it :) I have it show the person's own icon in the top left corner, and the icon of their current target (if any) in the lower right. The GridIndicatorCornerIcon adds a new frame spot for graphical icons that centers on each of the four corners of the health bar box, so they don't clash much with the corner "boxes," particularly if you tweak the opacity.

It's never given me any problems. I'd actually forgotten it was still in alpha.

Partshark said...

I usually heal the person that shows up in the raid warning saying: SOandSO is in the Slag Pot!

Keeva said...

My method is to assign a Grid debuff, but have it colour the person's entire frame bright pink, rather than just using a center icon etc.

When something turns bright pink on your Grid there's really no missing it.

I use this same strategy for all of the bad debuffs that you have to heal through.

Kae said...

Notabear: thanks for the reminder, editing that in on the DBM comment :)

Keeva: Ahh that's a cool idea! Though I worry I'd mistake the raid for all being consumed by some sort of paladinification plague! ;)

Anonymous said...


Do you know if the WoWAce forums are borked, by chance?

I tried to go grab the GridStatusRaidIcons and the SideIcons modules last night and the dev for them had moved them to her page on the forums. I'm registered, and if I am on any other page on the WoWAce site, I'm logged in. When I go to the forums it appears that the "login" function is borked? I can't log in, which means I can't download her modules form the forums =(

So far, this is the only place I've seen to grab them from.

Kae said...

I probably grabbed the files myself from wowace before they took down their file hosting and moved things over to Curse. It looks like the main WoWace website uses the CurseID for logins, but, like you, I am unable to log into the actual forums.

Weird : /

/pokes Wowace!

amf said...

Hi, I've found this site with Grid files - - I'll test is as soon as I get home. =)

Hope it helps.


Anonymous said...

Something like Keeva said works good for all the fatal debuffs (Slag Pot, Frost Blasts, etc)