Saturday, August 22, 2009

Personality & Warcraft: 24hr's Results

24 hours after posting my survey, I have gotten 55 responses. Not enough yet for a really in-depth study, but an interesting starting point :)

I wanted to share the breakdown thus far of classes, roles, and personality MBTI's.

One key thing to keep in mind is that those responding to my survey are, for the vast majority, followers of my PvE Druid blog who had time to reply on a Friday when Blizzcon is in full swing. Thus, mostly druids who are interested in reading whatever rambles out of my mouth and don't think I'm completely insane, and were probably bored at work :)

If you'd like to help push this study along, post or link this survey: your guild forums, strat forums, etc. Get those of your buddies/guildies who don't normally read blogs or forums to pop on and take the time to fill it out. If nothing else, a guild discussion sharing your personality MBTI's can be fun and insightful!

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