Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Time? Wha's that?

I am forcing myself to take a break from work to type something up, because sanity is a wonderful thing that I should never let go of...

Scratch that, I have no sanity, I just need a breather :) Things usually get very busy this time of year with classes about to start back, so my attention has been split a dozen different ways and I've been put to scheduling classes, designing instructor pages, writing software guides, juggling clients and coworkers, and looking at the strategic plans for the department, rather than doing all that stuff for raids and druidly things.

The raids and druidly things are much more fun.

That said, here're some druid spec tips for dealing with the start of a new school year when working for a university:

University Employee Druid Spec:
  • Ignore things like Gift of the Earthmother, because in your haste, you will probably forget something. Or misstype something. Heaven forbid.
  • Take full Imp Barkskin, Subtlety, and Natural Perfection. These will help manage your aggro from students and/or instructors, or students' parents. If you can reroll Night Elf, do it, as shadowmeld will dump aggro to your next coworker.
  • Take Imp Tranquility in the form of boxes of donuts or other sweet foods that you will bring in to share with your coworkers, as your party will then be much happier and easier to co-operate with.
  • Ignore Genesis in favor of full Starlight Wrath. It's therapeutic, and a good quick-cast wrath to the face will deter those who've aggroed on you. At the very least, it's a pretty ball of light that can serve as a momentary distraction.
  • Living Spirit, cuz that's what universities do. You'll need a healthy dose of it to keep from being overwhelmed by the amount of school spirit permeating the campus. It's an osmosis thing, beware being hypertonic or they'll just sap you... chain sap you, with no DR.
  • Revitalize, innervate, and intensity are also known as caffiene. Share the sugar-candy procs, coffee, and soda.
  • Dual-spec into Feral and be ready to switch at a moment's notice. Feral Instinct is useful, along with Survival Instincts, Thick Hide, Feral Swiftness, and Survival of the Fittest. Brutal Impact will help buy time. Just avoid Berserk and Mangle... they may be counter-productive. Infected Wounds may also create a panic on a university campus, so close on the back of the swine flu scare.
As always, I would love to hear from others on what specs and strategies work for them in the crazy rush that is the Start of Fall Semester raid. ;)


Niniel said...


While at work I like Dreamstate :)

Aertimus said...

I spec 0/0/0 /accountcancel and blow all my cooldowns to put my classroom back together and get my first marking period of stuff to the printer. Heroism wears off around the end of Nov and I have time for a life again.

Kae said...

Been wondering where you'd gotten off to, Aert :) Hopefully the kids aren't driving you too insane.

Aertimus said...

No kids for a week. Just getting ready for them. I'm looking forward to it though, this year should be a cakewalk compared to last year in terms of grades and class sizes. I have 2 classes with only 11 students signed up so far!!!