Friday, August 7, 2009


I fired up my Curse Client this afternoon, and lo and behold, there's an update available for GridStatusRaidIcons!!

Yes, this is that Grid module a bunch of us were trying to uncover from the locked bowels of the wowace forums a couple months back! For those out of the loop, this is a Grid module that will add the graphical raid target icons as a watchable status option. Personally, I set them up with the GridCornerIndicatorIcons module (separate download) so that one corner shows the person's own mark, and a different corner shows the icon of their current target (if any).

GridStatusRaidIcons is available from the Curse website here.


Anonymous said...


Omegamoo-Rivendare said...

Vuhdo is the way to go, handled 3.2 without a glitch, shows HOT bars on the player squares and has a well designed UI to set it up. Bonus feature is that it doesn't rely on other add-ons to make it work, you only need the one download.

Kae said...

Omegamoo, the point of Grid is that you HAVE that option of customizability through additional modules. It's not so much "extra addons" as it is separate modules: you can choose what you want loading, and cut anything you don't want. Grid has the most customization available from among the unit frames which is why it has so large a following.

Mods such as Vuhdo and Healbot are for those that don't mind relying on a more limited toolset or choice selection, or don't want to deal with the work involved in such customization. Both types of unit frames have their perks and downsides, and selection among them varies among users depending upon their preference, time, and needs.