Monday, August 17, 2009

Setting an Example for Kekek

I chose the Wolvar pup for both of my druids, as I love their wolf-like features (though they're more like wolverines than wolves...) Amusingly, I had different reactions to Kekek's antics, depending on which druid I was playing.

Note: Kae is a feral night elf. Kaelynn is a resto moocow.

"Orphan lady tell Kekek not to fight with other pups, but Kekek fight anyway."
  • Kae: *smiles knowingly* Is it really fighting, or is it just play? All cubs must practice through play to grow strong.
  • Kaelynn: *frowns* you shouldn't fight with your friends, Kekek.

"Kekek warrior, not bully."
  • Kae: I'm glad to hear that, little one. Warriors fight to protect others... bullies only fight to protect their fragile egos.
  • Kaelynn: Good... I don't want to hear of you fighting with your friends anymore, okay? There are enemies enough in this world already.

"Maybe go tip over walrus men while sleeping."
  • Kae: Ha! Those poor Kalu'ak. Don't be cruel, though... they mean well. They aren't cows. *gentle smile*
  • Kaelynn: ......

"Know what? If Kekek closes his eyes, you can't see him."
  • Kae: I wonder if that works for me, too? *goes catform, stealths* Okay I closed my eyes.... can you see me?? *giggle... pounces on Kekek*
  • Kaelynn: *gentle smile* Line of Sight doesn't quite work like that... let me explain...

"Dragons big and powerful. Elf-lady weak."
  • Kae: ...and that is why I fight in the forms of panthers and bears, little one.
  • Kaelynn: he just insulted the dragon queen!! what do I do, what do I do, what do I do...

"Maybe give up and throw book at animals, but try."
  • Kae: Oooo yeah, let's play fetch!
  • Kaelynn: Err, that will probably just make them angry! Be patient; a book's knowledge is a far greater weapon than its weight.

"Kekek take you hunting. You be good bait."
  • Kae: *bearform, swiftly pins Kekek down to the ground with one huge paw. Smirks.* Most creatures look at a bear and run in fear, little one... while most will look at you and lick their chops. However... I admire your courage. *grins toothily and lets him up, but only after he stops squirming*
  • Kaelynn: ...I think I need to return you to the orphanage now.

"Caught three chickens for lunch. Bet you couldn't catch any."
  • Kae: *grabs Kekek by the scruff and grins* If you can catch chickens and I can catch you, how many chickens do you think I could catch? *winks at Kekek* Regardless, those chickens are as big as you are. I hope you weren't wasteful; don't hunt more than you can eat.
  • Kaelynn: I'm somewhat relieved to hear you aren't a vegetarian. *goes treeform.*

"You should stay away from walrus-men. They could pup-nap you."
  • Both Druids: *looks away with a sad, thoughtful smile* They only pup-nap those who are offspring of their foes, and raise them to not be enemies anymore. Or at least, that's how they explained it to me. Granted, I have yet to see what becomes of these pups after abduction... *pauses and looks back at Kekek,* were you pup-napped, little one?

Which brings me to wonder where exactly all of the tens of thousands of pups nabbed by players in Snowfall Glade have been carried off to by those Tuskarr. >.>

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Nefernet said...

""Which brings me to wonder where exactly all of the tens of thousands of pups nabbed by players in Snowfall Glade have been carried off to by those Tuskarr. >.> ""

Funny, I wondered that too... at the beginning, I hated that quest, stealing younglings to their parents is a disgusting job... But mercenaries had to eat too, and Tuskars paid well...

I took Kekek with me for a ride too. Nasty little brat. Hopefully, my dear wolf Sethi made him behave...

Elune, how I don't like children!... Do I look like a nanny ? That's what I told my sister when she came the other day, the boy following : "Can you take him to the Wyrm Rest, he wants to meet Alexstraza ? I can't go myself, I must meet my Shan'do today... Byebye !" And she was gone...

Whut ?!!! oO *sigh* OK, I took him. During the flight, he kept trying to reach my arrows in my quiver. Don't touch that ! Stay still ! The griffon wasn't really pleased with people (and the wolf) fighting on his back, he nearly throw us out...

Alexstraza, *respectful bow*, was so kind with him... But he wanted more... See this and that... Pffff...

Hopefully, I had to leave for Ulduar, I'm a hunter, not a nanny... I gave him back with much relief to the lady of the orphanage...