Saturday, July 25, 2009

Feral Expertise Caps

Patch 3.3

What is Expertise?
Expertise reduces your chance to be parried or dodged, and is mostly of importance to soloing or tanking druids. Capping out your expertise will prevent your mob from dodging or parrying your attacks: something that plain old "+hit" cannot counter. +Hit will only reduce your chance to miss; without expertise, there is still a chance that your attack will be dodged or parried, even when you are hit capped.

How much do I need?
The Primal Precision talent grants 82 expertise rating, or 10 expertise. With this talent,

  • A feral tank needs 377.2 expertise rating (46 expertise + 10 expertise from talent) to reach the hard tanking cap for raid bosses (level 83), as they have a cap of 14% parry.
  • A cat or bear dps needs 131.2 expertise rating (16 expertise + 10 expertise from talents) to cap out against the 6.5% dodge rating of a raid boss at level 80. This is because they are attacking from behind the boss and thus they should not be parried, so they only need to get enough expertise to negate the dodge chance.
  • If a dps wishes to attack from the front of the boss, they will need the same amount of expertise as tanks do to prevent getting parried.

Only YOU can prevent Parry-Storms!
"Parry Storms" occur whenever a boss or mob is parried repeatedly, as each time they are parried, their attack speed will increase. This results in faster attacks coming in at your tank. Generally, you want to avoid this, but I *have* seen circumstances where a group intentionally caused Parry Storms because the healers were bored and the tank needed rage/mana. :)

Operation: Parry Storm!

Expertise for Non-Bosses
  • For anything less than a raid boss (level 82 or less mobs), you will need no more than 98.4 expertise rating (12 expertise + 10 expertise from talents) for parry/dodge negation, if you have the primal precision talent.
  • Without the talent, you will need 180.4 expertise rating (22 expertise).

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