Sunday, July 19, 2009

Off-Topic: Back!

I am back.

I am exhausted.
My feet are in a constant state of ache.
My back is killing me in all places.
I am covered in bug bites.
I am convinced there are ticks on me that I haven't found yet.
One arm and one leg are stinging from sunburn.
I am running on an average of 4 hours of sleep each of the past 5 nights.
I have been running around non-stop.
I was driven to my first ever cup of coffee around 2am Saturday, and had 2 cups.
I was surrounded by 80 hyper girls for the past 5 days.
I don't want to SEE another dome tent for at least 3 months, after erecting and later dismantling about 60 of them.
I am completely shocked at the number of kids who can't keep track of their own water bottle.
Being able to shower without having to wear flipflops is a novelty.
Knowing that I don't have to get up until 7:30am tomorrow feels like "sleeping in."
I have been prone to manic giggle-fits the past few days at the simplest things, like a napkin flipping into the air from a puff of wind.
I am falling asleep at my desk as I type.

...and I am feeling so incredibly fulfilled. In spite of the chaos that became of the weather, schedule, and lack of staff, the camp was incredibly successful, the kids had a blast, and I agreed to do it again next year... this time for a full week.

EDIT: in spite of my exhaustion, we got I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning and Three Lights in the Darkness during the raid tonight, hehe. Whoot.


Aertimus said...

Well... They SAY if you dry really well between your toes you won't get wired fungi, and then you don't have to wear flip-flops...

Glad you had so much fun!!!

Kae said...

The floors were disgusting, regardless. The shower room floor was marred with tracked-in mud and grass and... whatever else 8-yr-olds may drop there! ;) One of the kids did get a weird foot fungus (her entire foot was a wrinkled prune for a few days), so I prefer not to take my chances.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a blast!

And Grats on your new kills!!! =)

Kae said...

It was a blast :) I am still exhausted, but it was a very rewarding experience, and the girls begged us to do it again next year. I'm already formulating plans and activities for next summer... and trying to think of ways to get around having to set up all of those dome tents all over again ;)

Biggest change for next summer: we'll need more staff >.> I like being able to sleep!