Wednesday, June 10, 2009

U10: With Open Arms


This achievement is not a true hard-mode, but is fun nevertheless.

The general strat for this fight is pretty simple and very similar to the normal version, it's just a major DPS race against having too many raiders die to getting crushed. I actually found that this achievement was more difficult than Disarmed, because when doing Disarmed, you can actually save all of those getting squeezed. The general idea of this achievement is to just straight dps down Kologarn himself, ignoring his arms. There will be no adds to worry about!

Group makeup:
  • 1 tank
  • 2x healers
  • Mix range/melee dps
  • A hunter or shaman for Nature Resist

We like to arrange ourselves in a rough "u" shape around the room, leaving the hallway clear for eyebeams. When anyone gets eyebeams, they run out into the middle and then out through the hallway, which has plenty of space for them to flee without getting cornered by the beams. Since the MT will never get eyebeamed unless something is seriously wrong, you CAN have someone (such as a healer) stand at the apex of the horseshoe shape, behind the tank, far enough away that any eyebeams on this person will not hit the tank.

If anyone in your raid has a nature resist aura (hunters, shaman), have them put it up!

Stone Grip:
Raiders are very likely going to die in your attempt. The arm will grab and slowly crush whoever is in its hold, and without the group actually killing the arm, your raid's "squishies" are not likely to survive it, especially with only 2 healers (adding a 3rd healer will hurt your dps, and this whole achievement is a dps race against the stone grips!). Use battle-resses for these deaths, and save any soulstones to be cast mid-combat when a squishy is grabbed.

The grip can be healed through, so both of your healers should be dual-healing both the current tank and those who are gripped (plus the raid-wide damage from the left arm's aoe). Those with higher health and mitigation are more likely to survive than, say, mages. DPS should swap to lightly dps the arm to free the players (150k damage), but they will need to stop the moment the player is freed! Do not risk killing the arm and loosing the achievement! If you know you can resurrect the person after they die (ahem... sorry shaman...), it may be preferable to just do so, rather than risk having the arm die and spoil your achievement.

Ressed players should time their popups so that they do not coincide with the AoE from the left arm's Shockwave.

Ding Achivement!
Progress with as much DPS on Kologarn as possible, as it is simply a race against time as players die to stone grips or are released through damage to an arm that you can't, for the achievement, kill.

Your raid may feel a desire to attempt, towards the end of the fight, to just kill both arms at once and get the Disarmed achievement instead. Beware: if Kologarn is at 15% health or less, he will die immediately upon the destruction of one of his arms, and then you will get neither achievement!

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