Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Getting back from lunch and doing my refresh on the druid forms development page, my heart skipped a beat when something new loaded.

The kitties are up!!

Tauren Cat image

I am pleasantly surprised, and quite happy with this new form. The face looks much more like that of a lion, and isn't trying to rip off the panthers of the night elves.

Other changes I noticed include:
  • Nose-ring; a tauren thing, not really a feature I'd want for my female tauren but something that is certainly distinguishing.
  • Horn style: they aren't as long and twisted as before
  • Colors: fur, warpaint, eyes, and horn color vary between models
  • Paws: 4 claws per paw
  • Mouths: they very clearly have closed mouths in these "not roaring" screenshots ;p
  • Druid Symbol: it's there on the shoulder and clearly visible!
  • Chin Fur: like with the night elf bear,the tauren kitty has lost the "Wolverine" cut and gained a more appropriate/natural tuft of chin fur in addition to a smoother mane.
  • Decorations: the wristbands on the forelegs, and the few "hairbands" pulling away locks of the mane to separate the druid from the wild lions who would rather gnaw on the leather of such things than use them for decoration :)

Well done, Blizz designers! /applaud

I think I will be happy with the skin colors chosen for my moocow. She's that misty pale tannish-gray, which I am guessing will mean the white bear and white cat. If I end up with one or both of the sandy-tan feral fur colors, I won't be sad either, because I like them, too :)

Now we just have to wait and see what strange colors they've come up with for the night elf kitties! I'm still not pleased with the blue/brown night elf bear combination, but I will be stubborn and not recolor Kae's pretty dark-blue hair. She will no longer have a mange-face in bear form, so no matter what strange paints they roll her new bear form in, it *should* be an improvement just based on the model! ;)


NE Cats image

Again, I applaud Blizzard's model team. They took a nice model and upgraded it to more detail, without loosing the beauty and sleekness inherent in the original cat design. THANK YOU for not adding sideburns, either ;) I love the addition of the face markings, and the color selections look great! Though... I imagine some guys may be upset about playing a "pink cat!"

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Drew said...

OMG i can not wait for the pach! this is prob the best thing they have done for druids