Friday, June 12, 2009

In the Hunter's Sidecar!

A couple of my guildies have the Mechano-hog motorcycle mount, and we've had fun driving around together in them, making comments from the sidecar like "VROOM VROOM!" and "beep beeeeep!" and pretending to run over other guildies. /flee!

Now, I've not found a way to jump in the sidecar while in one of the druid shapeshift forms, but during the Noblegarden, we discovered that you could ride in the sidecar as a rabbit, and you'd lay eggs along the ground as the driver drove you around! Remembering that, I decided to see if I could try a different shapeshift...

WOOF!! I don't quite fit and my graphic just stood in place on top of the sidecar, but I was able to ride around on the sidecar when shape-shifted with Rituals of the New Moon! Now if only the hunter's own pet wolf, Roflwolf, could learn how to ride like that.

TY Grommsol for always humoring my goofiness :D


Unknown said...

Hee hee, I love the choppa - but I'm always gonna be a sidecar rider and never have one of my own... -sniffle-

Averna said...

Heheheh, that is awesome.

I love riding around in a FL chopper as a tree, and then going to pick up a boomkin as he parachutes down. Tree + boomkin + chopper = WIN!

Kae said...

It'd be nice if the ferals could ride the bikes too without having to shift out to caster. I wouldn't think a dire bear would be much heavier than a moonkin!!