Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Grid DungeonDifficulty Error?

Grid Bug Fix

Are you getting this error?

Interface\AddOns\Grid\GridRoster.lua:258: attempt to call global 'GetCurrentDungeonDifficulty' (a nil value)

Amidst the ramble of last night, the fix for this Grid bug was shared. Curse does not currently have an updated copy of the mod on their website, but there are two ways you can go about fixing this error and getting your raid frames back!
  1. Your first option is to download the "beta" copy from, which is available here. It contains a patch for "PTR compatibility," which will fix your DungeonDifficulty error.
  2. Otherwise, you can go into your GridRoster.lua and do a search in the code (ctrl f) for GetCurrentDungeonDifficulty. Delete the "Current" to make it GetDungeonDifficulty, save the file, and then reload your UI!
Thank you (again) to EricTetz and Beruthiel for pointing these options out!

Grid Debuffs for Coliseum

I'd also like to point over to Beruthiel's blog, Falling Leaves and Wings, as she wrote up a list of the debuffs useful for adding to Grid for the Beasts of Northrend fight in the Coliseum. I imagine these have not been added to the GridRaidDebuffs mod, yet, so you will need to add them manually for now!

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