Monday, August 16, 2010

The Alt

"So, how's ICC been treating you?"

Kaelynn looked up at the question, lifting her head from her own thoughts to look over at the little blood elf leaning against the wall nearby. "Icecrown? Oh... it goes. We've seen phase 3 of LK-Heroic. The rest we kinda breeze through these days."

The blood elf smirked to herself, unsheathing a dagger and using it to manicure her own nails. "Not much in the way of good drops? I see your feral kit is a bit... unpolished."

The druid sighed heavily. "Shards, mostly. That's just how loot works, though... in these small raids, drops are usually what isn't needed, while what could be used is never seen."

"Heh," the rogue smiled to herself, "I know what you mean. Every raid, no new daggers. These are serviceable, of course," and she inspected the little blade non-chalantly, "...but they're not even a raid drop. Better than a paper-cutter, at least, I guess."

"It's more the trinkets, really," Kaelynn said, leaning back into her chair and gazing up at the candleabra lighting the dim tavern. "Weapons seem to drop like water. I have a 264 staff or polearm for 4 different specs, but kitty it up with a i200 trinket."

Kaeya, the rogue, narrowed her eyes at the druid. "'Water'? Huh. You are still killing Lich King, right?"

The druid knew that tone in the rogue's voice. Warily, she regarded the rogue out of the corner of her eye. "Yes... we swap it to normal each week."

"....what dropped last night?" the blood elf asked politely, her interest seemingly upon her nails again.

"Shards." The druid said simply, not wishing to upset her rogue companion. A silence fell, and she cleared her throat uncomfortably. "But you know--"

There was a dagger at her throat. "What.... dropped?" the rogue whispered irritably.

The druid scowled. "Now, I *was* going to be nice, but since you've asked..." and she dug into her pocket and pulled out a long pair of deep purple gems. "SHARDS. Shard 1 may be of some interest to you."

The rogue picked up the first gem, sensing the link beneath it. "You didn't!"

"You put a dagger to my throat again and I'll shard them all."

Kaeya glared at the druid, but slid her dagger back into its sheath. "You could've stepped out for me."

"It was Kaalla's turn."

"Kaalla? The paladin? SHE got to go in?" the rogue asked incredulously.

"Yes," the druid said simply. "Have you not also seen Alkes and Immortalus' titles?"

"Wait, THEY have killed the Lich King?!"


The rogue stabbed a dagger into the wall, her blond hair falling into her red face. She was silent a moment. "I'm the oldest alt in the guild. I don't suppose you have suggested I get a chance?"

The druid leaned back with a serene look on her face, and let the question linger between them for a moment. "I did. You are on the list--" and she held up a hand as the rogue looked at her quickly, "But if you threaten me like that again, I will shard every dagger I can master-loot into my bags. And mail them to you. Gift-wrapped."

"Can't gift-wrap stackable items," the rogue hissed under her breath, turning her back.

"I'd find a way."

~~Kae's note: I think my rogue's upset that I haven't played her in a while. Haha.

Oh, and many <3's to Kaalla, Immort, and Alkes ;) Kaeya's just jealous.~~


Alyae said...

Awe! Poor rogue!
So Violent too!

Hana said...

We haven't started Kingslayer-ing all our alts yet, but as we resume working on H LK I'm starting to wonder if the time's getting close. -_-

Theladas said...

We want to see him die each week. We spend 3-6 hours each week smashing ourselves into his amazingly powerful heroic Frostmourne; the least he can do for us is provide a satisfying "cha-ching" for a couple alt titles each week.

Glad you wrote this up, Kae. Made me smile, though I am both surprised and relieved that Kaelynn's eyes are still intact. I guess seniority has some pull after all.

Kae said...

Threatening to shard things with the weight of master-looter is a good way to put uppity rogue alts in their place :D

Kayeri said...

Hee, my warlock and rogue alts are 11/12... but the paladin alt... She's pretty damned snippy these days too, as she doesnt have Putricide, nor Valithria and Sindragosa down like the others do... But she was the first alt to enter ICC, so she thinks she should be first on everything else, too...

She's also pissy that the rogue has the trinket she's been trying to get off Deathwhisper since she first walked into that place... I even tried to placate her by having the 264 pants crafted for her healing set, but then she just glares at the badge shield she's using, and she MUCH prefers beating things up anyway... lol

Alts... gotta love them and all their quirks. I'm just grateful my priest is patient and willing to wait her turn...

Kaalla said...

Teach you to be away at camp when Scythe did the rolls on the order :P.

BTW, we totally could have done that with you on Kaeya!

Beruthiel said...

My paladin is only missing a H Putricide, Valithria and Sindy kill for her drake.

I'm debating begging/bribing our group tonight to see if they will let me bring her for the back half of the instance =)

Kae said...

*places earmuffs over Kaeya's ears*

Shhh Kaalla, my rogue doesn't need to know that I kittied it up on LK Sunday night! :D