Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My 3.1 Dual-Spec Choices

With two druids, I'm gonna have all 4 major specs to play with.

Curious, she knelt along the water's edge, feeling the sun-warmed mud and moss squish up between her roots as she leaned her trunk forward to stare at her reflection in the still waters. The face that greeted her mirrored her movements and expressions, but was wholly different in form: a small, hooked beak, curving horns, and feathers of cream and sand replaced the golden bark and autumn leaves she knew herself to have. Calmly, she studied the reflection with a druid's spiritual wisdom, wondering what the lake was showing her of her inner self.

Kaelynn: Resto, Moonkin.
I will be raiding with both, though using the turkey for dailies, too.
  • For the turkey, I chose Typhoon over Starfall out of consideration for breakable CC, since it is a cone and I can control it better (and tend to be good about aiming the knockback). If I have aggro problems, I'll rearrange to take Nature's Reach.
  • Resto spec choices are not changing from pre-3.1. I love the build, and think it will adapt well. If you want reasons, you can see my rambling about all the talent points here.

Kae: Cat, Bear.
She is currently level 76, so the builds are going to be generic for pugging/leveling purposes.
I am less certain of feral builds since I haven't raided with one since November (08), but these are the specs I'm gonna try out. If I find I need to change them as I finish leveling her, so be it :)
  • Nurturing Instinct applies to heals from iLotP, so it will be a good passive for soloing or pugging.
  • I am least certain about the points in bash for bear, and will probably leave those points for my last two levels' worth of decisions.

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