Wednesday, September 8, 2010

OT: A Cat's Training Methods

True story. Sans sound effects. I had to help her up the last steps afterwards, because she didn't want to be hissed at in the face again. I swear the cat laughed. "Myah, myah!"

Speaking of sounds, I found this very odd "Martha Stewart Collection" (lol) dog toy bat thingy. It has multiple squeakers wrapped up in one ball, so they squeak in synch, with this demented and ghostly wailing, keening, crying sound. The moment I squeaked it in the store, my husband and I locked eyes and grinned: it was too weird to NOT get. And River loves it, even though her jaws aren't strong enough yet to get it to squeak for herself.

If you see one at the store, yourself, give it a slow squeak and you'll see what I mean.

On a related note, sorry about the high-pitched puppy barks in the background of vent last night, btw, guildies >_> She was generally well-behaved through the raid, only getting into trouble once when she discovered the toilet paper roll in the bathroom, and I had to spend Sindragosa with a raccoon-squeaky trapped under my leg in the chair so she could pull and growl at it while I raided.

Rawr, squeaky. Rawr.


Dr. Cynicism said...

New puppies seem to fear cats above all else... it's like a living vacuum cleaner to them, hehe.

LOL @ apologizing for background puppy barks over Vent. Some clever blogger could make an entire blog centered around Vent background noises. I've heard it all, animals yelping, babies crying, spouses yelling, parents punishing, the list is endless. And so NEEDED during those tough progression grinds to break up the seriousness!

Love it, haha!

Kae said...

Our holy paladin had his toddler chanting something in the background, last night. Dunno what, but it was cute :) ...and far less ear-splitting than River trying to get my attention.

Josh said...

What breed of dog is River?

I'm guessing Siberian Husky or Alaskan Malamute?

Kae said...

Malamute :) Love the breed. Smart, tricksy, friendly, and fluffy!

Theladas said...

And see, Kae? Puppy-post makes bubbles better. Hurray!

Josh said...

I've always wanted a Husky or Malamute (but live in Australia so the weather is a concern)!

I heard that Malamutes had a lot of issues around small animals (cats) - perhaps it's a fallacy?

And how is she to train? I've heard they are quite independant and stubborn!

How do you find her energy requirements? How long are you spending outdoors running around like nuts?

Kae said...

Mals can be raised to respect other creatures, at least those they know are "family" (or at least off-limits). For example, based on River's reactions so far, my house-cats will be fine... but any neighborhood cat she might later catch in the backyard is another story. We weren't able to adopt an older Mal because of the risk to our cats.

As far as training, Mals are highly intelligent. They *get* it, but may decide they just don't want to do it... so yeah, stubborn :D This was actually bred INTO them because, as sled dogs, they needed to be able to make their own decisions about whether or not master's orders to cross that thin ice over there were worth following.

Mals are notoriously lazy. She gets in her running-about, then crashes for a while... wakes up later, wants to play again for a little bit. She needs some exercise, naturally, but not as much as some other working breeds. More than not, she just needs puzzles to solve... like getting food out of a soda bottle or box :) We've tried to avoid spending too much time outside, because our backyard is a pit of mosquitoes!

Theladas said...


I read your comment, and suddenly realized exactly what it must be like to be you.

"I do what? When did I- oh..."

Kae said...

Wait, what? O_o

Theladas said...

"Mals can be raised to respect other creatures,"

I can be, eh? Well, I guess I knew that, but why is that part of the comment world? Oh, wait, Malamute =/= Malicave.

Just as Kae =/= 'Kay, I was thrown at first.

Kae said...


I see. Kae is slow, apparently :D