Friday, November 6, 2009

Mod: SexyCooldown

I wandered across the mod SexyCooldown earlier this week, and decided to try it out... and now I absolutely love it. It is a moving, consolidated cooldown timer, where you create a bar that is shared, visually, with any number of cooldowns and dot/hot timers that you would like, and the icons for those timers all move along the bar until they run out with a little splash.

I decided to create two bars for now:

The first is for my cooldowns.

I have my cooldowns running right next to my Grid frames, since they tend to be most important for when I'm healing. These are things like Swiftmend, WG, NS, and internal cooldowns for trinket procs. I set them to move from bottom to top.

It's a decent location for my feral play, too, as it's out of the way but still noticeable for things like trinket cooldowns and Tiger's Fury.

The second bar is for target debuffs.

I have specified that it will only show the timers for debuffs that *I* have applied to my target, myself: moonfire, rip, rake, mangle, etc. I set them to move from left to right, since the right hand side is where I traditionally stick my debuff timers (out of habit).

It is placed just below my IceHUD frames (near center-screen) where they're more visible when DPSing. I decided to limit this bar to cooldowns less than 40 seconds, so it doesn't show my faerie fire, but too much would be clutter, imo.

I've tested it out while healing, tanking, and kitty-scratch-furying, and have decided it's pretty awesome. :) The bars are all skinnable and scalable, so they can be tweaked to fit most UIs (visually); they can also be set to fade in opacity when out of combat. I shrunk the bars themselves quite a bit to take up less visual space, but by default, the background of the bar will be wide enough to encompass the debuff icons.

I'm still testing it and trying to balance its use against Power Auras and Debuff Filter, while I grow accustomed to the moving cooldown timers, but all in all, I'm impressed with the mod!


Unfortunately, this mod is not very good as a generic mangle/trauma watcher, for feral druids. While you can have a bar show all of the debuffs on a target, it'd be just as cluttered a mess as any other "show all debuffs on the target" type mod/unit frame, and that defeats the purpose of having just mangle and trauma be showing. If you want a mod to monitor generic mangle/trauma on the target (ones not cast by yourself), I suggest using Power Auras or Debuff Filter.

Completely aside, I'm mostly recovered from my flu, though I lost some weight (that I couldn't really afford to loose). I also found out that the Authenticator Tokens' batteries can die. As for the bad luck streak I've been having: let's just say things have gone from bad to worse, so my posting may be a bit sporadic as things are sorted out.


Anonymous said...

I tried this myself, and I'm really enjoying it so far -- Have you tried showing only "My Debuffs" on the target -- when I was using flame shock it was only picking up my personal cast during the raid.

Otherwise, we'll have to wait until the author adds whitelists!

Kae said...

Yep, My Debuffs on the Target is my second bar :)

Verile said...

That mod looks pretty interesting. I use coolline for this myself it looks pretty similar although it's not as "pretty".

I may have to give SexyCooldown a try.