Thursday, November 12, 2009

Complete Randomness: Piasa Bird

My own rendering of a Piasa Bird. Which is a dragon. And a hawk. And a fish. And a deer.
Decided to go without the underbite fangs.


/reminds self to get most recent guild killpic done

Edit: I'm so cheap.


Mark said...

My ears are totally not that pointy :P

And yeah, it was the 1st

Mark said...

Also, totally unrelated but still awesome:

Kae said...

THEY ARE... okay, maybe not. But it's a stick figure!!

Also, bears need wings. I hear Dachshunds can have them.

Unknown said...

I had to comment on this... I went to Southwestern High School where our mascot was, the Piasa Bird. Most people have never heard of the Piasa Bird, are you from the Alton area??

Kae said...

Nope, I just have an oddball fascination with mythological creatures :)