Sunday, November 22, 2009

Turkey, Chairs, and Mods

Quickie post to mention a few things:

Feasting Tables

Some mods get confused as to how to handle the feast tables for pilgrim's bounty. Make sure your mods (ie bartender) have turned on pet and/or vehicle bars (even without a pet active), and if you have issues leaving the table for lack of an exit button, use this script macro:

/script VehicleExit();

I think it has something to do with eating too much and getting stuck in the chair :)


5 recipes for 1silver? And they count towards the "recipes known" achievement? Awesome. I ended up getting the 160-recipes achievement off of this! Unfortunately, the cook book doesn't have a nice sub-section sorting for holiday foods, so you'll have to dig through it with the search and "have mats" filters to pull the recipes out of the long list of grays, if you've leveled your cooking any.


Either hunt around Goldshire, or hunt around Tirisfal Glades. They're little yellow-con turkey critters that you can moonfire to one-shot at range, then loot your turkey for (for the quests). The turkey-killing-spree achievement is a bit of a headache, but as with similar achievements, here is the recommendation: tracker snacks + a low-server-pop hunting time (say, 3am or while people are at work/school, and not during lunchtime 12-2pm!). From what I hear, you need to stack your turkey-killing-buff to 40 to get the achievement. Good hunting, to you!

Other Stuff

Algalon down. :) It was frapsed (tank PoV)... so we'll see when it can be dropped on Youtube! I spent most of the fight dropping rejuv on the whole raid and keeping LB rolling/blooming on the tanks. We also did "They're Coming Out of the Walls!" and the speed kill on Yogg(+4) which was quick and a lot of fun (and a bit wipetastic on the 9-adds-kill), but an achievement very few guilds ever try to get. Overall, a good wrap-up before the holiday Thanksgiving break for Vortex!


Rul said...

Yay! I was hoping we'd get Algalon down tonight. We were so close last week. That's great news :)

Kae said...

Naz says the trick to getting Algalon is star-kiting and not having Rul in the raid.

His words, not mine!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Grats Kae!

I don't want to spoil I won't tell you exactly what happens, but once you get your turkey pet, pull it out near a cooking fire ;-)

Kae said...

Oh... oh my.

Pass the gravy.

Calla said...

Oh man, I thought it was not having Calla OR Rul in the raid!

Grats you guys on the kill(s) :).

Rul said...

Heh, yeah. He sent me an e-mail today saying I had to officially address him as 'Starcaller Nazantia' from now on.