Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Zeppelin Attack!

On Sunday before raid time, after I spent a mind-numbing half hour fishing flagged in Wintergrasp to provide my guild with feasts for our Arthas attempts and a good 2 hours before that herbing for flasks, I joined my guildie Mujeae in circling Dalaran with our minipets. We had fun "roleplaying" about how the little elekk needed to take a poo and I asked, "Did you remember to bring a plastic bag?"

She responded, "Oops :( "

...and then at the same time, we both said "Well we'll just let her go in the alliance district, then!"

(This all was happening in /say... but of course, the alliance around us don't speak Orcish, so it just resulted in laughs from the scattering of horde players that happened to be nearby!)

Now, walking circles in Dalaran only keeps you entertained for so long, even with humorous conversation, so I pulled out a zeppelin kit from the toy store.

One single zeppelin can result in over an hour of fun.

We took turns throwing the zepp back and forth as we ran around Dalaran, keeping just out of range of the zeppelin graphics catching us. A small fleet of them chased us through the city. We eventually went out to Krasus' Landing and just ran circle-laps around the landing pad, going in opposite directions, tossing the zeppelin back and forth as we crossed paths, forming a relative bee-swarm of zeppelins between us.

...and we were giggling like children.

It was not the first time a pair of Vortex girls had an hour+ of fun with a zeppelin kit. Many months ago, two of our other raiders had discovered the giggle-fest that is the zeppelin toy, only they actually took a video of it!

(edit: and I can't spell zeppelin.)


Alyae said...

heheh... I don't know why Youtube squished the video, but I didn't have time to look into it. Was busy with another project :)

If I fix it will update you for new link.

Kayeri said...

Wow, my 8 year old just goggled over the multitudes of the things...a n yes, she has indulged in the fun that is the paper zeppelin, throwing them and being chased by them all over Dalaran! :)

(btw, she's home sick from school today, in case anyone wonders) :)

Kae said...

Hehe, what a perfect way to spend time when you're not feeling well :)

Sorrel said...

Loved the Zephelin video, just fantastic and very playful.

Farming Wintergrasp? You should get your lovely guildies to clear ulduar 10 to Freyas room, and take out the Elders but not Freya. The herbs (inc Frost Lotus plants) respawn every 30 mins. You will need to do some stealthing around on your druid, or its even easier on a alt rogue. Just extend the raid id and hope ulduar isnt the raid weekly.

Kae said...

My herber is a terribly undergeared shaman alt. ;) She's also not gone anywhere near Wintergrasp.... Wintergrasp is for fish feasts (and happened to be the fishing daily)!