Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dreambound

One year ago, a little gnome mage came to me over IM and asked, "Kae, do you still have that resto healing guide you had on the old guild forums? I have a few druids in my new guild who could use some tips."

I did still have that guide, in fact, but as it was from TBC, I knew it needed to be updated. I also knew that simply emailing it wouldn't do: no, I should post it up in a place that they can easily reach it that had decent formatting. In fact, why not post it in a place where ALL druids could potentially find it? was created.

I spent a few days hacking my old vanilla and TBC guild guides apart and updating them before finally posting them to my new blog. I told myself, "Hey, blogging looks like fun. I can share a few things and keep myself up to date on druidly goings-on, rather than get stuck with no other resto druids to share my ideas with in my little 10-man guild. I'll try to just post once a week and keep up with it... after all, people say keeping a diary is a good idea, so why not make it a public druidy diary of useful stuff?"

...I post, what, at least 4 times a week now? :)

Thank you to all of my followers and fellow bloggers and commentors who have shared tips and stories, or have just made use of the muddle of math and strats I've posted over the year. You guys are why I'm doing this. Your support makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

In honor of Dreambound's first year, I have completely overhauled my Resto raiding guide. I have learned so much over the year not just from my own experience within the game, but also from reading other blogs or comments and learning about other styles of resto raiding. I will continue to work on it: I'd like to add illustrations, because I believe illustrations and graphics considerably help the learning process beyond what mere text can communicate.

You can find the new guide here, with its own section of pages.


Eversor said...

Happy Birfday!

Keredria said...

Happy Blogaversary Kae!

I love that you are not only a fellow resto druid blogger, but as someone who also does strict 10s you give me and my guild someone to look up to.

AND you have the best comics. Can I be selfish and ask for more comic strats in this upcoming second year of the blog?

Adeanna said...

happy birthday/blogaversary!

a big thank you for your boss strategy guides, and your wonderful & funny comics!

lissanna said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Lath said...

Happy 1st Birthday!!!

Jasyla said...

Happy Birthday!

Kae said...

TY's ^_^

And Keredria... more comics are in the works. I have way too much fun doodling them, and Arthas is getting a full 3-part comic strip ala Yogg!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes - although I came to your log pretty late, it is now one of those I check most regularly. Always good food for thoughts - and the fact we share a 10-man focus helps too!

Charles said...

Happy Sproutday to one of my all-time favourite blogs! Here's to many more!

Calla said...

Woohoo! Congrats Kae & Dreambound.

As someone who is honored to call herself one of your guildies, you are amazing both in game and with the information you provide.

Niniel said...

Happy Blogaversary! :)

You have a fantastic writing style and comics! It's always a pleasure visiting your blog!

I did stumble upon a treasure here! :D

Keep up the amazing work please! :)

Anonymous said...

I only just found your blog myself, but very happy first blogaversy! I'll definitely be dropping by again soon. :D

Beruthiel said...

Happy Blogday Kae! =)

Alyae said...

There once was a druid named Kae,
Who blogged about herself every day,
Her blog recently turned one,
And she's been having lots of fun,
So lets give it up for her... HURRAY!

Kae said...

Awwww what a pretty poem!

Niniel, you were the first to really comment on my blog and point others to it... For that... /HUG!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogaversary Kae!
good job on easy guides you provided to world of warcraft community, keep it up! and Thank you!

Littlebark said...

Happy Birthday, Dreambound!

You're doing a wonderful job, Kae! I especially LOVE your comic guides.