Monday, March 15, 2010

Orcish Stick Figures

So, after some of the comments in the Lana'Thel comic strat, I quickly whipped together a stick-figure collective of all of the main raiders of Vortex (my 10-man guild). I posted it to the guild forums.

Responses were generally positive. Attackattack of Hand of Salv said "I of course look sexy." Again, however, Rul of Ancestral Knowledge was upset by my representation of Orcs.

Rul: "Those are the most emasculated orcs ever. :P Needs more mohawks, beards, tusks and scowling. That should add the appropriate amount of Ugly(tm)."

My immediate response was to dig up a photoshop-colored sketch (zomg hand-drawn!) I did years and years ago of a chibi orc and gnoll from D&D.

Kae: "Too cute still, I'm guessing? It's the chibi eyes."

Rul: "Rul would cry if orcs were capable of doing so. This is what ugly looks like:"

The other shaman was very amused: "OMG Kae this makes me so happy :D"

Our guild leader, Alyae: "your dude is rather ugly rul.... but Kae's super cute version of you wins. therefore when you add them both together, it still brings the cuteness down a lot, but the overall effect is still above the neutral scale and thus your toon is cute. Ha! :D"

...which inspired me to "try again" for some sort of even ground, as it were.

Kae: "Oh, I am greatly enjoying this.

Meanwhile, our mage asks, "I wanna know how come out of all the female blood elves...Kuch and I are the only ones with boobs???? LOL"

Kae: "Easier to put em on robed people ;) They look weird coming out of a stick!" ...translation, they look nekkid. Robes infer clothing. We raid with our gear on, people. ;)

Now, Rul came back with his own sketch response: "Fixed! ;D

Kae: "How dare I forgets the facial hairs. :D"

Rul: "Like most orcs of either gender, Rul was born with a beard."

So there you have it, folks. Stick-figure orcs must have tusks, mohawks, heavy eyebrows, and... beards. Rul has thus decreed it.

I have some demanding guildies, but I <3 them.


Mark said...

So let it be written. So let it be done.

Anonymous said...

Let's see what a stick Boomkin looks like, and a feral Bear!

Kae said...

Hehe, there is a bear in a few of my strategy comics (one with a jetpack, in fact), but I don't think I've done a turkey before.

lissanna said...

something with a beak & wings should work. lol.