Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Misc Stuff

I am the sick, headachey, groggy druid. I stayed home today to rest and hope that the constant pressure of a thousand murlocs banging on the inside of my skull would abate... and after being unsuccessful in my attempts to sleep, my little shaman alt Stardance hit 80. She's been temporarily nicknamed ScrubShammy.

I was going to post a druid-specific run-down of the stat changes, but I feel like a bunch of other bloggers have beaten it into the ground already and I don't really have anything new to add. Whee.

Have a raid tonight... hoping it will be more successful than the past couple weeks'. Last week saw the instance eject the entire group at Saurfang and not let us back in until the next evening, and then we had a bunch of raiders with rl problems/moving/religious dinners/etc that caused us to cancel about 3 total raids over the past 2 weeks: we only have three raid nights per week as it is. This on top of the instance being broken and not letting us in for a night has made for a very mopey Kae in regards to getting in on the Arthas slaughter.

We've also got the zone-wide buff now, added in this morning's maintainance. I'm sad that we didn't get to say "in before the nerf."

Kaeya-rogue-alt did get her "alt ToGC10 run" started this past weekend. After banging our heads repeatedly on the beasts, however, we slowly started filtering back on our mains: many alts just didn't have the gear or class/role experience to make it possible. We finished the run with an Anub kill with a single guildie alt and two pug alts (one an unguilded friend of Vortex) in the raid... everyone else, myself included, were on mains. Kaeya didn't get a single boss kill... and I had to shard her boots and a dagger (had to swap to my main to heal the Beasts). My rogue hasn't come out of the corner she holed up in, and the ground is still damp with her tears. /console rogue alt.

Bought a house. Moving next month. Have lots of painting to do. Been watching HGTV and DIY to get some ideas. Plotting on getting (finally) my puppy. Working on not being sick anymore. Gonna go run my random daily and help finish making dinner before the raid starts.

That's my ramble for the day :)


Keeva said...

We've cancelled two ICC raids this week due to lack of numbers. Even in the middle of progression, I think that the more news we hear of Cataclysm, the more we'll bleed raiders - it just seems to be a cyclic thing.

But I take a lot of comfort knowing that we enjoyed being a small 10 man guild for a bit - and next time we probably won't implode as we've done in the past - we'll probably just make the call to stop 25s at some point, and "just do 10s until the expansion". That gives me a lot of comfort - know that the guild won't ever die again, it might just scale back temporarily.

I don't really care about the "in before the nerf" stuff, it's only 5%, it's not like the big nerf to Sunwell back in the day, 30% nerf in one hit.

Besides, it's an optional nerf - you can get rid of the buff if you really want to do it "properly". But I really don't see any competitive guilds giving away a 5% buff to health, dps and healing - so I don't think anyone is in a position to knock anyone else about making use of the buff - because I doubt they would click it off, themselves.

That's how I see it, anyway.

Kae said...

It's more a personal accomplishment than worrying about what others say. Knowing that we were held back by a broken instance and bad schedule overload for the raiders just doesn't make me very happy about Arthas... we have a lot of raiders out of town, and myself will be moving in the next month.

We have 7 raiders of 14 online tonight. We picked up two casuals and a "pug" healer. I don't like having to do that :( I'm not to the point of "Cata's around the corner" yet... I'll feel that when we're working on hardmode Arthas!

Keeva said...

I didn't realise, but we had 15 people that we had either lost, or were unable to raid due to work, RL commitments, illness, internet issues, etc.

We haven't faced Arthas this week, and it's very frustrating.

I'll be interested to see whether my guild is for or against the buff.

Jen said...

We're not doing quite that bad, but we usually end up with 23-23 sign ups, and have to start with less people and hope someone shows up in the meantime (we don't pug, but we sometimes get non-raiders in the guild to help). I'm partly guilty for this and I feel bad, because healers are the biggest problem, but my work schedule is messing with my raids :(

As for alt runs... the same happened to us in ToC10. We sucked so much both me and one of the healers had to bring in our mains, and it was still hard! I admit my holy pally skills border on zero, and he gear is more Ulduar-level, but still wiping with two ICC-25 geared healers? That was an ouch night. We ended up with the 3rd healer going on his tank, the tank going on a healer, a few DPS bringing their mains... and sharding everything, including the awesoooome sword I wanted for my pally's tanking spec :(

Kae said...

I am lucky to have some awesome "casual" players in Vortex... their guild rank is actually called "Awesome," because that is what they are. In spite of having only 7 main raiders (with two casuals/awesomes and an unguilded alt friend), including one who DCed through all of Marrowgar/Deathwhisper and the trash up to Gunship, and having to teach the fights to one of them, we cleared all wings except frostwing halls (Valithria) before the end of the raid night. They learned quick and we two-shot Putricide, the first wipe being only due to an overflow of slime in P1/P2 since our OT had never piloted the Abom before.

It was a significant morale boost :)

Jasyla said...

I think a lot of guilds are suffering from lack of numbers at the moment. My guild only raids twice a week and last month we had to cancel two raids due to lack of numbers. So that was two weeks where we only had time to kill the farmed bosses and had no time to work on any progression kills. On our first Putricide kill last week we had 3 casuals in the raid plus an abundance of healers who had to respec to get a half-decent raid comp.

I'm actually kinda glad about the buff. 5% is a nice little boost, though I'm not certain if my guild will be using it yet.

Gratz on the new house.