Kae's Guide to Resto Raiding

So, you want to be a resto druid?

This is a guide for level 80 druids who want to start healing, from the ground up. Whether you've dual-specced healing after years of raiding dps/tank, or if you've just reached 80 and had to spec dps to level, or if you're just reading through for giggles to see another healer's perspective, I welcome you to the art that is druid healing!

This guide is posted in 4 parts:
Druid healing is a style that is very proactive. You need to anticipate damage coming into the target, and use your Heal-Over-Time spells (HoTs) to counter it. It can also be a very mobile style, as many of the spells can be cast instantly without needing to pause to cast.

A strong resto druid is one that is flexible, aware, and has fast reaction times.