Sunday, September 20, 2009

Brewfest Notes and Tips

Ram-Racing route guides are at the bottom.

Cool Notes:

  • Talk to Glodrak Huntsniper (H) or Goldark Snipehunter (A) to pick up a pair of Synthebrew goggles. These will save you some coins and allow you to instantly cure yourself of the tipsy-turvy driving granted by the more conventional means of getting "smashed."
  • Coren in BRD drops: the mount, copies of the heroism-badge trinkets, 170-stamina mug trinkets, and the remote that will port you and your party to the grim guzzler (of particular use to horde, who have no nearby cities!).
  • Sound just commented to recommend that you save up to 350 tokens and then purchase your brewfest clothing; you can then get your achievement and return the clothing to the vendor (within the 2 hours), getting all of your tokens back. Afterwards, you can use those tokens to purchase your Brew Club membership and other things!
  • HORDE: when attempting to purchase troll drinks in Durotar, go *inside* the tent. The vendor is bugged and will not sell to anyone who is outside of the tent. It is possible that he wishes to check your ID.


Barking - 15
Dark Iron Cog - 10
Ram-riding every 12/18 hours - 20-30 tokens each (more details on this at the bottom)

x 14 days?

On top of the one-time turn-in quest tokens, you should be able to get 750ish tokens or more, allowing you to purchase both the elekk pet and the items needed for your achievement :) However, this will require daily attendance to the riding-of-the-rams and the more annoying barking-through-the-city quests.

Needed for Holiday Achievements:

1x Fresh Brewfest Hops (2)
1x Hat (50)
1x dress or shirt (200)
1x shoes (100)
Brew Club Membership (200)
= 552 tokens total,
though you can return the clothing after use within 2 hours of purchase to make it only 350 tokens needed!

Additionally, the Pink Elekk pet will require 100 tokens, if you're a pet collector. The Wolpertinger druid-bunny-vampire is free through the quests, if you did not pick that up in the previous years!


For maximum tokens, this should be done at full-speed. Make sure you walk the path first to familiarize yourself with the locations of the barrel-pickup, drop-off, and all 4 apple bins: this will save you time and sanity. In both cases, I recommend keeping a very close eye on your ram's fatigue, as an apple bin may not trigger as you run past, or the barrel-people may not throw or catch your barrels. Either way, keep cracking that whip, and get along top-speed!

I recommend using the two apple crates found along the left-hand side of the road (as you're going to Kharanos). You can thread across the snow and through the trees to make as straight of a line between the barrels and the pickup/dropoff points, which will mean you're off-road for the majority of the time. You do not need to go straight up to the dwarves to pick up or drop off your barrels; as soon as you see it enter your inventory, spin about and head straight back to the apple barrel. Ignore the apple barrels found at either of the end points; these are unnecessary. I am usually able to get in 14-15 barrels per run of this, for a total of 28-30 tokens.

(pics in development)

The goblins seem a bit slower and buggier about tossing barrels to people than the dwarves do on alliance. I recommend using the first and third barrels found: the one behind the starting tent out back by the kodo, and the one right behind a small hill at the start of the canyon. Just cut straight across the desert between the two, ignoring the apple bins at the pick-up in the canyon and at the flag-post along the road, unless absolutely necessary. I am usually able to get in 10-11 barrels per run of this, for a total of 20-22 tokens. I did attempt to only rely on the middle two barrels like I do on alliance, but lag on the drop-off tended to force me and others that I watched) to an exhausted ram if only these middle two apple bins were used.

View on the return trip:

When turning in the barrel back at the starting point, simply cut through the tent to circle over to the apple bin, then leap over the fence to start a new trip.

Hope this helps!


Sound said...

Just a note-- If you're not able to collect enough coins but would like to complete the achievements, you're able to sell back the Brewfest Outfit required for Disturbing the Peace (remember to dance in Dalarn first!) and use the tokens elsewhere. Confirmed to work, just tried it myself. :)

Kae said...

Oh nice! That is awesome. Will add that in at the top for the tips :D

Unknown said...

Thanks for the Ram-Racing tips!