Friday, September 4, 2009

Worgen, Goblins

I am quite disappointed. I wanted my cow to be a worgen. I wanted to play a horde worgen. I can't have that. I get troll-druids and little green men.

Oh well. I'll live. I promise this post isn't *that* much of a whine fest :)

My current plan is to leave both of my druids the way they are. In the stress of work and life recently, I caved and gave up on moonkin in favor of kitty-spec for my resto main's secondary spec, which didn't hurt my raids because we've had shaman totems making up for my transient moonkin aura. As for my alliance druid, I like my night elf as she is and don't see a reason to move her to horde if she can't be a worgen on horde (another cow after the possibility of being a worgen? nty)... and if she's on alliance, I have no reason to race-switch her to worgen either since I won't be playing her with my friends. She'll remain an elf. Kaelynn will be a moocow as always. Status quo.

I will certainly be leveling a worgen alt, of course; probably as a hunter. The hunter class has been fun for me, and I have two hunter alts already (my first, level 64, was named Wolfpaws), they were just left behind on old servers. I'm sure many of my guild will be goofing off on worgen alts as well, and it'll be easier to chat across factions with the RealID chat being added in, so it won't be so lonely! I'm really looking forward to creating that new character. I just want to jump in and create her and play her now. I'm watching Huzzah's Dude, Where's my Worgen? blog for all the tantalizing scraps of worgeny info, and building up a character backstory for her already--something I don't often do with alts:

She paused there in her landing crouch, for she could hear a soft chuckling. Looking about, she grew frustrated as she could not locate the source, and let out a low growl. "Who's there?" she whispered hoarsely, a feral edge to her young voice.

"I suppose you are not used to looking to the trees, little one," came the musical voice of an elf. "Undead have rarely made use of such tactics."

As for goblins
, I will say this: as little interest as I have in them, I cannot deny that some players love the idea and are excited that they'll be able to level one and, eventually, race-swap their mains to one. I certainly did a double-take when they told me this, but considering the other races they've been playing for so long (orcs, undead?) the idea of little green wrinkled goblins isn't that bad a thing for them.

Worgen are WAY cooler, imo, and I will embrace all my new druid worgen buddies warmly. The trolls, too. As long as they don't try to shrink my head. Bearform butts are big enough already without a tiny head compounding the issue.


Anonymous said...

I am one of those that is fairly excited about the goblins. I'm not likely to do anything other than tinker around on one as an alt, but I think they will be fun.

I'ma make a goblin roguette, and call her "Greedi".

I'm less excited about the worgen, although the more I read about their lore, they do seem to have a rich history that is worth exploring. I have also picked out a name for my Worgen, unfortunately "Sarl" was already taken on my server, but "Nasaug" was still free. =)

Anonymous said...

/sigh Codex references for worgens. I wouldn't have thought of that. Though i do admit it sounds like something i would do.