Thursday, September 10, 2009

Doodle: Worgen Hunter

Arrows, pew pew. Does anyone else find it odd that worgen don't have tails?


Anonymous said... werewolves have tails? I don't think that any of my hollywood views of werewolves had tails...but I don't watch a lot of werewolf movies either!

And perhaps they had to have their tails docked at youth for health reasons?! =)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure werewolves have tails, at least they have had in most of the pictures of werewolves I've ever seen (not that I'm a kind of crazy werewolf fetishist or anything).

But, yes, now you point it out, it does strike me as odd with worgen don't have tails. How do they balance? Maybe it's a clothing issue. They'd need special trousers in order to liberate the tail.

Also Draeni have tails and truthfully they look pretty silly sticking out of their robes and such...

Lovely picture, by the way :)

Kae said...

Tauren have tails, too :)

Most of the furries/werewolves in media have tails, far as I have seen. I agree on the issue of balance--the tails help offset their (normally) stooped posture (which I kinda failed to draw, heh). Did the werewolf in the Harry Potter movie have a tail? I can't remember... nor if it was mentioned in the book.


Puppies should have tails!