Wednesday, September 23, 2009


A short little story of 2 new drums (that are NOT leatherworker-only), 2 old drums, and their usefulness.

As the servers opened their patch-day doors, little leatherworkers rushed to their trainers' stores. "A new pattern! A new pattern!" they cheered and cried, but then the druids suddenly rolled their eyes:
  • 8x Heavy Borean Leather + 8x Icy Dragonscale = 50 charges of MotW
  • 50x Wild Spineleaf = 50 charges of MotW
  • 50x Wild Spineleaf in the hands of a druid who, like almost all of them, specced into IMotW = 50 charges of a better MotW

Don't use drums to buff MotW unless you're out of druids. Or, somehow, your druid didn't spec iMotW. Which is nearly never. These drums will be useful only in instances/raids that are lacking a druid.

"Ah!" but the leatherworkers said, "We learned this new pattern, too! See these drums here, look what they can do!" Peering at these drums, the druids now did ooo and ahh, for this was something new: a stat buff increase of 8%! A feral nearly wet his shoes. But along came a paladin, who leaned in close, then he sat back and laughed:

Don't use drums to buff Kings unless you're out of paladins who are free to cast Kings. This may be useful in 5-man heroics, or in rare raids that are pally-less, or in cases where your pallies may be needed to buff other things (ie might/wis) and you want Kings along with it!

As the leatherworkers sat on the stoop and did cry, along came an elder druid, battle-worn, but with pride. "Have no fear, fellow crafters," she now did say, "There is still yet a drum with some use; and you can learn it this very day! Go to the dragons who watch the sands of time, and earn their favor quickly with all the quests of the line. Once you have gained honor in their golden eyes, you will have a Drum of Panic as your musical prize! These unearthly beats may be 10 levels old, but even at 80, your foes will flee, should you strike bold!"

...okay, I'm done attempting to rhyhm now. Drums of Panic (Edit: and Drums of Speed!) from TBC were not nerfed like the other TBC drums, and are useable in level 80 content and PvP. They are, however, only useable by leatherworkers. They save my tail in heroic faction champs in ToC. :)

Oh, and wtb drums of bloodlust.


Diorinix said...

While crafting Drums of the Wild makes no sense for a druid to use for buffing, as an AH-able item that is consumable like ye olde 70 drums could provide a leatherworker druid some consistent income. Same with Kings too.

Khi said...

I'm actually very excited about these, because unlike the BC drums, you don't need to be a LW to use them. So now my JC DK alt can buff the party with 2 extra class abilities.

Going to make several of each and toss in officer tab of GBank in case we need for a strange raid comp, but we'll have to see how much use they get outside of a 5 man.

Kae said...

My raids tend to run heavy on druids and pallies, even for a 10-man, so I doubt the new drums will see use (for myself) outside the occasional 5-man raid that we decide to even bother buffing with.

The new inscription fortitude buff, on the other hand: we have one priest, and she's been having internet problems; having that extra stam buff off the Runescroll of Fortitude was quite nice for our ToC10 this past night!

Erdluf said...

Comments in wowhead imply that Drums of Speed (that is 15% movement speed, not haste) still work at 80.

I've been thinking about getting these for an extra boost in a WSG tunnel, or to help get out of the way of Ony's halitosis.

Kae said...

Oh, I hadn't seen that! Very nice...

Though my bagspace just made a groan as it lost yet another slot :)

Sylly said...

lol I love the rhyming! I'm with Diorinix on this one. I made 2 Drums of Kings and Drums of the Wild and put them up on the AH yesterday... I imagine there are lots of people running 10s who won't have either a druid or a pally along. Hopefully at least SOME of them will keep up enough on game changes to know about these new drums and will hop on over to the AH to find some. =)

Kae said...

Would probably need to advertise them over trade, and I expect competition for drum prices will be messy until an overall price is settled out; especially given the materials cost at the same time that crusader orbs can be vendor-purchased (I know the arctic fur market skyrocketed overnight... but I got my wrists made, darn it!)

Personally, I'm gonna stick with DE'ing AH greens and reselling the dust for profit :) At least until I see the market stabilize and buyers become aware of the drums. I don't want to dump a bunch of gold into the drums when my own guild is unlikely to make use of them if they don't sell!